Presiding Judge Perspective: Looking Back

We recently upgraded our computers from an obsolete operating system to 21st-century software. Now, we hope to acquire a modern case management system sometime in the next two years or so.

The Work of Justice Jas. H. Chichester

The quotidian fodder of Justice Chichester was written out, in full, in elegant script. Today, we use shorthand to refer to the offenses with which he dealt.

Looking to Next Year

I’m excited about working with local attorneys and the Bar Association to develop new policies and procedures to make litigating in our court a more efficient and effective experience.

2014 Year in Review: Contra Costa Superior Court Judicial Leadership Perspectives

The Supervising Judges each provide perspectives on the operations of their respective division.

Innovative Solutions for Age-old Problems

By closing the Help Desk on Fridays, the facilitators have been able to increase the number of appointments to finalize judgments—with a corresponding increase in the number of cases concluded each month.

When Treatment is Not Enough

Drug court programs are remarkably successful. When a judge supervises their progress, substance abusing/addicted offenders are six times more likely to stay in treatment long enough for them to get better.

  • Inside

  • Inside: Guest Editor's Column, November 2014

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, November 2014

    A recent major step forward for the court was our recruitment of Heather Pettit, who has taken over as Chief Information Officer. She brings with her a long resume of implementing technologies to assist the bench, court justice partners, legal professionals and the public.

  • Guest Editor's Column, October 2014

    Guest Editor’s Column, October 2014

    Sometimes you are at the corner of “I have a great case I am working on,” and “Oh no! My client just filed bankruptcy!” What do you do?

  • It's About People

    It’s About People

    I’d like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Lisa Reep, who will be retiring this month as Executive Director.

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