Thirty Years and Going Strong – The CCCBA Women’s Section

With young law students like the 2014 scholarship recipients leading the way, there is no doubt the Women’s Section will continue to excel.

Egg-Freezing: Is it Truly an Employee Benefit? (Frozen Series, Part 1)

Apple and Facebook are leading the way. Is it an attempt to recruit and retain employees or an attempt to avoid the bigger issue?

Wolf at Work

The female attorney can find herself facing illegal workplace wrongs. To protect her goal of continuing to practice law, sometimes the best option is to consider extraction.

Community Violence Solutions: The Unsung Heroes of the CCC Justice System

It is not only one of the oldest organizations of its kind in California, but also in the country, with staff who works tirelessly to assist those in need.

A Teacher of Equality: Marvin B. Starr

I had no idea then how truly astonishing and unbelievable the welcome that Marv and his partners gave my baby at the office.

Role Model for the Male Mentor: Randolph M. Paul

There is more to the story of women succeeding in the law. It’s about the men. Men need to be a part of the conversation and action to achieve equality in the workplace.

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  • On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

    On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

    In 2015, locating a female attorney is no longer a “Where’s Waldo?” experience. Regardless of gender, the CCCBA and its sections provide members the opportunity to support one another and grow professionally in the practice of law.

  • How I Survived the MCLE Audit - You Could Be Next!

    How I Survived the MCLE Audit – You Could Be Next!

    The State Bar’s goal is to increase MCLE audits tenfold compared to three years ago, so there is an even greater chance you will be audited within the next five years.

  • Inside: Guest Editor's Column, November 2014

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, November 2014

    A recent major step forward for the court was our recruitment of Heather Pettit, who has taken over as Chief Information Officer. She brings with her a long resume of implementing technologies to assist the bench, court justice partners, legal professionals and the public.

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  • A Letter to My Younger Self

    A Letter to My Younger Self

    When you stand up to read in your English class, stand tall and speak loudly and clearly, for one day you’ll be standing up in courts representing people who have been wronged.

  • Ladies, You’re Invited to Calendar it, Show up and Go!

    Ladies, You’re Invited to Calendar it, Show up and Go!

    Half the battle is calendaring and attending the event. To make the most of this inherently relationship based experience, showing up mentally is fundamental and takes practice.

  • Bar Soap: February 2015

    Bar Soap: February 2015

    I do have to chuckle once again at the whole Court Call “experiment.” So, why do some lawyers talk way too much, and a number not enough, when on Court Call?

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