All in the Family – Following in the Family Footsteps

“The best part of this job is getting to work with my dad.”

Quality of Life and Family Law in New York & California

California also has more advantages for families and children in court. It was the first state to establish no-fault divorce in 1970 while New York was dead last in 2010.

After ADR Fails in Family Law… What Happens Next?

Both Collaborative Practice and mediation rely on voluntary, free exchange of information and commitment to resolutions respecting everyone’s shared goals. But if the parties had mutual trust, shared goals and could communicate effectively, they probably would not be getting a divorce.

Help is Coming with Limited Scope Court Appearances

Since the limited scope court rules were first being debated in 2003, I have been advocating for a simplified notice of completion of limited scope representation. To date, I have been unsuccessful in California, but successful in many other states

Senate Bill 917 Requiring Court Clerks to Prepare Orders after Hearings for All Litigants in Family Law Hearings

The bill attempts to address concerns that many Family Law litigants are self-represented and often English learners, struggling to comprehend, let alone comply with spoken orders.

An Update from the Front-Lines of Contra Costa County’s Legal Incubator Program

The Lawyers for Family Justice legal incubator program at the Family Justice Center houses six incubator attorneys serving moderate and low-income clients in Contra Costa County

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  • Join us for the Pro Bono Expo November 3

    Join us for the Pro Bono Expo November 3

    Interested in Pro Bono opportunities in Contra Costa County but don’t know what is available?

    Join us for a Pro Bono Expo in Walnut Creek. We’ll provide appetizers, beer, wine and soda and most importantly – …

  • MCLE Spectacular November 18 2016

    Register Today for the MCLE Spectacular

    Register now for up to 8 MCLE credits at this all day event November 18, 2016 in Walnut Creek, California.

  • Bench Bar BBQ and Softball Game [photos]

    Bench Bar BBQ and Softball Game [photos]

    On Saturday September 17, CCCBA members turned out at Heather Farm Park for the annual Bench Bar Barbecue and Softball Game. It was a beautiful day for socializing and for playing ball. Thank you to …

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  • A Concerted Effort

    A Concerted Effort

    I was honored to be selected as the Guest Editor for this year’s Family Law edition of the Contra Costa Lawyer magazine. Shortly after learning that I would serve as Guest Editor, I received several …

  • Wendy McGuire Coats

    My Vote. My Voice.

    Welcome to the Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine’s Election & Politics edition. While looking back at the 2008 Elections edition and President Robin Pearson’s article on our country’s history of close Presidential Elections, I was reminded …

  • Summer Reading

    Summer Reading

    We decided that our August issue this year would be lighter and less law focused. We aimed to have articles that you could read on vacation and with your legal brains turned off.

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  • Civil Jury Verdicts

    Civil Jury Verdicts

    gavelIndeed it has been some time since I penned the popular Civil Jury Verdicts column. Same old story: Very …

  • Convergence


    In prior accounts, Judge Carlton encountered Three Strikes, recidivism, contentious civil trials, the death penalty, and legal ethics. Now he confronts a juvenile law case without any winners in another attempt to educate about the …

  • LRIS Spotlight: Carl Kadlic

    LRIS Spotlight: Carl Kadlic

    Contra Costa County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral & Information Service is a win-win for the Bar Association and for the community. The community benefits in that the LRIS offers a low cost method to find …

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