The Dog Days of Summer

I travelled from Concord to Danville to Lafayette to try out local favorites for our summer libations, putting emphasis on those places that allow dogs.

Overruled by ALPS

ALPS was the most advanced artificial intelligence system available for law firms. ALPS quickly earned Gilbert’s trust and was no longer a piece of hardware, but a personal collaborator.

Top Mobile Apps for Busy Legal Professionals

With Court Days, you can easily calculate the number of court days, or calendar days, before or given a certain date. You are able to select your jurisdiction, and you can add customized lists of holidays or furlough days.

Tax Tips from the Tax Lawyer: Deducting Your Summer Vacation

Attending a convention, seminar or other meeting in the North American area may qualify as a business expense, depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

San Francisco’s Pioneer: William Leidesdroff

William Alexander Leidesdroff was one of the most successful businessmen, merchants and politicians in pre-statehood California. His early death created a legal controversy that set a precedent for California inheritance law.

Designing for Millennials: Trends in Law Firm Office Space

Law firms are embracing new workplace designs along the lines of their corporate clients. How much of these future trend ideas have permeated into the outlying office regions such as Walnut Creek?

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  • Inside: Guest Editor's Column, August 2015

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, August 2015

    Summertime. Whatever it means to you, we thought it would be nice to have an issue devoted to the lighter side of the law … or at least our lives as lawyers.

  • Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, July 2015

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, July 2015

    The work environment has changed dramatically over recent years, with employers facing new challenges. Don’t forget that new paid sick leave laws covering nearly every employer in this state have taken effect.

  • Inside: Guest Editor's Column, June 2015

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, June 2015

    In today’s day and age, the concept of privacy is a quickly changing one. We will lose our “right to privacy” not because someone has wrested it from us, but because we have given it away.

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