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A Macro Approach to Large-Scale Construction Defect Matters

Given the relatively high-exposure involved with large-scale construction defect matters, insurers will generally be cautious and hire coverage attorneys to provide critical analyses of their insurance policies against the facts of each case, the identity of their insureds, and the insureds’ scope of work.

Bay Area Cities Implement New Eviction and Rent Control Measures

In response to the affordable housing crisis, several cities passed ordinances, and rent and eviction control ballot initiatives became a hot topic for residents in several California cities in the 2016 election.

The Ruckus over Airbnb: Local Governments Struggle to Control Short-Term Vacation Rentals

In high demand markets, landlords make more money from short-term rentals than from long ones. Plus, tenants can earn income by renting out part of their living spaces. Unfortunately, the same factors that benefit landlords can sometimes harm tenants, neighborhoods or communities.

Caveat Venditor – Expanding Disclosure Obligations of Residential Real Property Vendors

California has enacted several new laws and revised existing statutes that impact sellers’ disclosure requirements. These developments affect not only sellers of residences with one to four dwelling units, who must complete a Transfer Disclosure Statement (“TDS”), but also those who are exempt from completing a TDS.

Bartell Practically Expands 1031 Exchange Period to Two Years

A recent tax case, Bartell, illustrates how “parking arrangements” may be used to, practically speaking, extend the timeframes in like-kind exchanges.

All in the Family: Leslie Johnson & Inga Miller

…as I worked with Leslie more and more to learn the ins and outs of title insurance law, I knew I wanted to do what she did – transactional work. There, you are building something for your client – value in their real estate.

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  • Ethics: All By Myself: Ethical Duties Prosecuting Quiet Title Actions When The Other Side Is Absent And/Or Unknown

    Ethics: All By Myself: Ethical Duties Prosecuting Quiet Title Actions When The Other Side Is Absent And/Or Unknown

    How do you give ex parte notice to parties whom you cannot even identify, or to those whom you know but cannot find? Of course, you can’t. Instead, it is your duty to the Court to show a diligent (but ultimately unsuccessful) effort to identify and/or locate these defendants.

  • Pro Bono Spotlight: Kathleen Day-Seiter

    Pro Bono Spotlight: Kathleen Day-Seiter

    The Pro Bono Committee of the Contra Costa County Bar Association is pleased to announce the quarterly Pro Bono Spotlight winner. The goal of the Pro Bono Spotlight is to recognize individuals in our community who are dedicated to improving civil legal aid and access to justice in our county. We are fortunate to have […]

  • CCCBA New Mission Statement

    CCCBA New Mission Statement

    At the February Board of Directors meeting, your Board voted on and approved its new Mission Statement to guide our actions and decision-making: Empower our members to deliver outstanding legal service to our community. That mission statement is informed by our vision: The CCCBA empowers our members to build thriving legal practices that deliver outstanding […]

  • February 2017 - Contra Costa Lawyer

    February 2017 – Contra Costa Lawyer

    Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: LGBTQ / Diversity and the Law Download the e-version of the February magazine here (pdf) Visit the February archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine, February issue, guest-edited by Summer Selleck:   Articles: California Law Protects the Rights of LGBTQs – What You Can Do to Help Protect the Civil Rights of the LGBTQ […]

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