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Show Me the Money: When Can Trustees Use Trust Funds to Litigate?

Over the past 30 years, the use of revocable living trusts has rightly become the preferred estate planning vehicle for persons seeking to protect and pass on their estates.  With that growth has come a corresponding increase in trust-related litigation.  As a result, an increasing number of civil litigators are finding themselves directly or indirectly […]

Effective Use of Paralegals in Civil Litigation

As clients push for more services for less money, attorneys and firm management are faced with keeping a careful eye on the bottom line while still providing high-quality legal services. One of the most efficient ways to keep clients happy in this regard is to put paralegals to work. The days of paralegals performing the […]

Frivolous Lawsuits and Motions: What Do We Do with Them, and What Should We do with Them?

Nearly everyone would likely agree that a truly frivolous lawsuit or court motion is a bad thing – except the person filing it. In other words, for most people frivolous tactics are a nightmare, while for a few they are a business model.

Echoes of History – 1942 – 1983 – 2017: From the Incarceration of Japanese Americans to the Travel Ban

December 7, 1941.  The United States is suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.  A Day of Infamy.  Within two months, President Roosevelt issues Executive Order 9066 which banishes 110,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast states, two-thirds of whom are American citizens.  They suffer […]

Empowering Civil Litigants: CCCBA’s Pro Per Civil Litigation Clinic

In the clinic, we try to help litigants understand things like the function of the pleadings, the reasons for and use of discovery procedures, preparing a case for trial, and much more. The clinics are held once a month at CCCBA’s main office.

CCP § 998 Offers Revisited

If there is one overarching guideline in handling § 998 offers in your practice, it is to keep it simple. The more a § 998 offer includes, the more likely a court will find something wrong with it

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  • An Insurance Defense Attorney’s Perspective On Best Practices In Working With Insurance Claims Adjusters

    An Insurance Defense Attorney’s Perspective On Best Practices In Working With Insurance Claims Adjusters

    In your law practice have you ever reached an impasse in trying to settle your case with an insurance claims adjuster? At times it can be frustrating. [1]  Working for two insurance defense law firms and three in-house insurance law departments over the past 33 years has given me some ideas on how to deal […]

  • Carol Langford

    The Courtroom as Casino: Alternate Financing for Legal Fees

    All litigation requires some form of funding, either by the parties themselves or by the law firm extending credit against the future proceeds of the settlement. But in an era where cash is king and clients and law firms sometimes run their financial lives close to the edge, the need for a cash infusion has […]

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    Volunteer Judges

    Photos courtesy of Juliet Jonas JD,. Prof. Jonas is a member of the  Core faculty JFKU Legal Studies Program Did you know that in addition to everything they do as judges of the Superior Court, many of our local judges give freely of their time to help law students develop their skills? John F. Kennedy […]

  • Settlement Agreements: Avoiding a Real Property Tax Reassessment

    Settlement Agreements: Avoiding a Real Property Tax Reassessment

    In the abundance of caution, prior to taking action, the trustee should seek the court’s approval of the settlement agreement. Although a trustee can obtain written consent of all beneficiaries of the trust, court approval provides the best protection.

  • What's Your Priority?

    What’s Your Priority?

    The IRS can use the Federal Priority Statute much like an ace of spades to trump the priority of all creditors who have claims against estate assets.

  • The Spin on Corporate Spin Offs

    The Spin on Corporate Spin Offs

    A corporate spin-off may be a tax-free solution for Albert and Bertram. Celestial Builders would form a subsidiary corporation, Diablo Holdings, Inc. that would also elect S Corporation status.

  • Divorce & Taxes

    Divorce & Taxes

    In short, only one of the parties to a divorce can continue to claim the child as a dependent on their tax return and be identified as the “custodial parent” for tax purposes.

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