Social Impact Bonds: A Revolution in Richmond

The Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) is working on a Social Impact Bond targeting blighted housing. The program will be among the first Pay For Success programs in California.

Tips of the Trade: Transform the Readability of Your Legal Documents

Simple stylistic choices can reduce the reader’s annoyance and enhance the persuasive force of a legal brief.

Recent Developments in the Law of Lawyering

The past year has brought numerous developments in legal ethics and the law of lawyering, including confidentiality for attorney-plaintiffs and successor attorney fees.

Five Things New/Junior Associates Should Know

Have a plan to improve and grow your practice expertise. This includes seeking out and attending continuing legal education opportunities, networking events and mentorship.

Limited Conservatorship and Autism Spectrum Disorder

The limited conservatorship process, by its nature, requires everyone involved to focus on the soon-to-be-adult’s disabilities.

“Priority” of Interests in Real Property with Tenant Occupied Foreclosure Properties

Gross and Nativi interpret the law in a manner that protects the interests of tenants and uphold the exercise of police powers in ways that limit private property rights.

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  • How I Survived the MCLE Audit - You Could Be Next!

    How I Survived the MCLE Audit – You Could Be Next!

    The State Bar’s goal is to increase MCLE audits tenfold compared to three years ago, so there is an even greater chance you will be audited within the next five years.

  • Inside: Guest Editor's Column, November 2014

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, November 2014

    A recent major step forward for the court was our recruitment of Heather Pettit, who has taken over as Chief Information Officer. She brings with her a long resume of implementing technologies to assist the bench, court justice partners, legal professionals and the public.

  • Guest Editor's Column, October 2014

    Guest Editor’s Column, October 2014

    Sometimes you are at the corner of “I have a great case I am working on,” and “Oh no! My client just filed bankruptcy!” What do you do?

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  • What Have We Accomplished?

    What Have We Accomplished?

    I am probably most excited about the launch of our new CCCBA mobile app, available at both Apple iTunes and Google Play.

  • Interview with Judge John C. Cope

    Interview with Judge John C. Cope

    He was appointed by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. after more than 20 years as a Deputy District Attorney in Contra Costa County.

  • Interview with Judge Danielle Douglas

    Interview with Judge Danielle Douglas

    She was a Deputy District Attorney in Contra Costa County from 2000 to 2013 and was most recently an Assistant District Attorney at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

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