Premarital Agreement Season Is Here: Give Your Approach a Tune-up

If you take the time to address the reasons behind the rules in your representation of premarital agreement clients, you may lose less sleep.

Does Your Client Have the Capacity to Get Divorced?

Even though a client may qualify and have the “legal capacity” to file for divorce, that same client may not have the capacity to enter into any agreements as part of the dissolution action.

Is Your Client an Innocent Spouse?

You suspect your client’s spouse is not paying her or his taxes, filing erroneous returns, or worse—intentionally evading taxes. Your client may be an “innocent spouse.”

Frozen Embryos: When Constitutional Law Trumps Family Law (Frozen Series, Part 2)

The constitutional right to privacy grants either parent an absolute right to prevent implantation of a frozen embryo. In fact, the right not to become a parent seems to trump the other parent’s right to have a child.

Divorce and the Closely-held California Business Owner

Without preparation and precaution, the consequences of divorce can have a devastating financial impact on a business.

Hopkins’ Choice

In prior “Stories from the Bray Building,” Judge Carlton considered incarceration, legal ethics, criminal cases and contentious civil trials. Now, he presides over an unusual family law matter.

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  • Legal Drama

    Legal Drama

    Audiences continue to be enamored with the legal world—the stories are fundamentally about the search for truth, something that no other field is singularly focused on finding.

  • Ethics and Capacity

    Ethics and Capacity

    MCLE SELF-STUDY: What should a lawyer do when the client does not want to follow advice or when the client is mentally impaired? These issues are among the most difficult lawyers ever have to face.

  • Inns of Court: When Elder Abuse Crosses Over

    Inns of Court: When Elder Abuse Crosses Over

    Elder abuse is a crime that can be tackled through any number of legal proceedings, be they probate, civil or criminal. This presentation looked at the different proceedings to educate our members.

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  • Inside

  • Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, May 2015

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, May 2015

    Family law cases have the potential to cross over with almost every other practice area. It was my goal for this edition to highlight a few of the crossover issues that can arise in a family law case.

  • Go Green!

    Go Green!

    As individuals, there are so many ways we can reduce our use of water. Here are some of the steps we can take to lessen our environmental impacts.

  • Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

    This tax season will be the first time that many taxpayers encounter the effects of new provisions of the Affordable Care Act, effective January 2014.

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