Janice Fuhrman: Wine and Food Writer | Claudia Hagadus Long: Novelist

I started getting invited to Italy, Spain, France and eventually to almost every major wine-growing region in the world.

Mark Vickness: Guitar Virtuoso | Michele S. Lane: Singer/Songwriter

Focusing attention on music requires getting my mind out of law and that’s a healthy thing.

Candice Stoddard: Floral Artist | Judge Joyce Cram (Ret.): Stamp Collector

It is interesting how we become our parents—in my case, my mother.

Christopher N. Schneider: Car Collector/Pilot | Nancy L. Powers: Motorcycle Rider

I organized a riding club called Professional Motorcycle Sisters (PMS for short) to meet professional and business women’s needs.

Victoria Snyder: Rock Climber | Philip Hunsucker: Scuba Diver

Climbing has been incorporated into our lives together so much that we climbed up Half Dome as part of our wedding week activities.

James Wu: WC Little League President | Marlene Weinstein: Artist

Although I wanted to go to art school, my parents pushed me to go to a liberal arts college. After many years, I returned to my art.

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  • Summer Reading

    Summer Reading

    For a change of pace in your reading matter for the summer, we asked our membership to write about, or let themselves be interviewed about, their hobbies.

  • Inside: Guest Editor's Column, July 2014

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, July 2014

    Somewhere a little past the midpoint in our career, we find ourselves planning for the future and beginning to think of our succession plan, but also glancing into the past and at what we have accomplished.

  • The Business of Law

    The Business of Law

    Many of us became lawyers because we weren’t inclined to go into “business.” But the truth is, whether you are an associate, solo or leading a full-service firm, you are running a business.

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