California’s Reaction to the Drought: Statewide Groundwater Management

California has reacted to the severe drought conditions with groundbreaking legislation to manage groundwater use, likely to have impacts on all citizens.

Intruder Alert: The Volatile Landscape of Vapor Intrusion Regulation

One of the hottest issues facing the world of environmental investigations and cleanups is the migration of volatile organic compounds into indoor air space in residential and commercial buildings.

Pacheco’s Past: Natural and Man-made Environmental Catastrophes

Heavy rains persisted through January 1862. On the newly exposed hillsides of Contra Costa, stripped of its native grasses and redwood forests, the overwhelming winter rains proved disastrous.

Insurance Archaeology: Looking for Buried Treasure

The search for and analysis of historic insurance policies is often called “insurance archaeology.” Any business that has the potential for long tail liabilities should search its records posthaste.

California Mandates Detailed Sick Leave Requirements for Employers

The new law, which takes effect July 1, 2015, requires that employees be able to use three paid sick days for every year of work. Accrued leave balances must now be reported regularly.

Discovery Referees Rules and Roles

In instances where voluminous discovery and corresponding motions are anticipated, the appointment of a discovery referee can ultimately cut costs in the long term.

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  • Stress Management

    Stress Management

    I am sure most of you have felt the oppressive weight of work pressures at various times. The question is, how do we deal with it?

  • Simplify Your Life with CCCBA’s Mobile App

    Simplify Your Life with CCCBA’s Mobile App

    Download the free CCCBA members-only mobile app for quick access to the most popular areas of the website.

  • Recent Developments in Ethics

    Recent Developments in Ethics

    I am seeing some trends in the disciplinary context of late. Lawyers getting DUIs because they are on prescription drugs is making a comeback. I am also seeing more women get in trouble for petty theft.

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  • Go Green!

    Go Green!

    As individuals, there are so many ways we can reduce our use of water. Here are some of the steps we can take to lessen our environmental impacts.

  • Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

    This tax season will be the first time that many taxpayers encounter the effects of new provisions of the Affordable Care Act, effective January 2014.

  • On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

    On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

    In 2015, locating a female attorney is no longer a “Where’s Waldo?” experience. Regardless of gender, the CCCBA and its sections provide members the opportunity to support one another and grow professionally in the practice of law.

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