Starting Your Startup on the Right Foot

A useful guide for when those excited entrepreneurs come bounding into your office with their new ideas.

LLC vs. S-corporation: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

In the universe of business entity species, the choice for a closely held business usually comes down to LLC vs. S-corporation. But don’t get ready to flip a coin just yet; there are important differences in the details.

The Ever-changing World of California Franchise Law

This article will provide a brief update on two areas of franchise law receiving attention in the courts: (1) when a franchise may be legally terminated; and (2) the proper venue for franchise disputes.

The Americans with Disabilities Act: Common Myths that Could Hurt Businesses

As an attorney representing an ADA defendant, the first step is to dispel misperceptions and impress upon the client the seriousness of the claim.

M&A: How to Assist Your Client in Maximizing the Opportunity

If you do have an opportunity to influence your clients before they “go to market,” there are practical steps that can be taken to help them maximize both the sales price and the after tax proceeds.

Succession/Exit Planning for Family-owned and Other Closely Held Businesses

While all business attorneys agree that a succession plan is a good idea for any family-owned and/or closely held business, crafting the ideal plan and the method by which it should be implemented is no simple task.

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  • Ethics Corner: Who is My Client?

    Ethics Corner: Who is My Client?

    The case law in California on partnerships is inconsistent on the issue of identifying the client. Saying that the client is the entity is the beginning, but not the end, of the inquiry.

  • Pro Bono Focus: Referral Panel for Artists

    Pro Bono Focus: Referral Panel for Artists

    California Lawyers for the Arts (CLA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping artists utilize and navigate through the legal system. Specifically for arts-related issues, CLA offers a lawyer referral service.

  • The Jury Trial

    The Jury Trial

    I thought I would examine the natural endpoint after one common form of ADR—mediation—fails: The jury trial.

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