My Cup Runneth Over: The Intersection of Immigration Law & Other Bodies of Law

Every attorney should be aware that immigration law is a lot more than simply providing visas for foreign nationals.

In Court and in Trouble: Humanitarian Immigration Issues in Contra Costa County

Immigration courts are considered administrative, not criminal, so respondents—including children— do not have a constitutional right to pro bono counsel.

U Visas: A Potential (but Long) Path to Citizenship

Clients must be advised that the petition will be a multi-year process. These long delays have profound effects upon people’s lives.

Lessons Learned from Super Bowl 50: Human Trafficking

In the midst of crowds getting ready for frenzied fun, the atmosphere created a prime ground to force victims into coerced prostitution and slave labor without anyone taking notice.

U.S. Expands Restrictions on Visa Waiver Program for Visitors

The new visa waiver restrictions have been implemented for the purpose of safeguarding people. Overall, this bill, as a hasty response to the Paris terrorist attacks, does not make the United States any safer.

Exiles Electing the Suitcase over the Coffin Encounter Reluctant Hosts

If it seems like it was an especially dangerous year for refugees, that’s because it was one of the worst years in recent history, according to Amnesty International.

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  • President’s Message: May 2016

    President’s Message: May 2016

    With immigrants comprising 14 percent of America’s population and growing, it is clear that the need for attorneys with immigration law knowledge is essential.

  • Introducing CCCBA’s New Immigration Section

    Introducing CCCBA’s New Immigration Section

    The Immigration Law Section will provide continuing education, training and mentoring for immigration attorneys. The next section meeting will be held on Monday, May 16, 2016.

  • Inns of Court: Animal Law

    Inns of Court: Animal Law

    Judge Mockler’s pupilage group put on a rousing, energetic Jeopardy-like contest centered around animal law.

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  • Civil Jury Verdicts: December 2015

    Civil Jury Verdicts: December 2015

    We don’t often hear “I told you so” from our judges, but they certainly could say that in most cases in which a civil jury verdict is entered.

  • Inns of Court: Restraining Orders/The Magna Carta

    Inns of Court: Restraining Orders/The Magna Carta

    Forget the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the teams for this Inns of Court season are going to be poetry in motion.

  • Hello, Goodbye

    Hello, Goodbye

    December marks the last edition for my esteemed Co-Editor, Harvey Sohnen, who will be stepping down from the editorial board of the Contra Costa Lawyer.

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