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Beginning of the End: How the Loss of the Spousal Support Deduction May Affect Future Agreements

There were pros and cons for each of the options depending on the financial situation and goals of the parties. The practical effect of allowing the payor to deduct his/her spousal support or family support payments was to create more net spendable income for the payor from which he/she could

Dramatic Changes Coming for Mediation Confidentiality

Currently there is a bill working its way through the California Legislature that would dramatically alter the protections of confidentiality in mediation and would apply across the board – to all types of mediation, including mediation of civil litigation matters and family law matters.

New Year 2018 Real Estate Law Updates

Non-medical use marijuana is now “legal” under state law, and local jurisdictions are determining what land, if any, will be permitted for growing, distribution, and sale of cannabis.

Civil and Criminal Tax Enforcement of Employment Taxes

The IRS and the Department of Justice have recently prioritized enforcement, and particularly criminal enforcement, of existing employment tax laws. The following will help show how these concerns can play out for you and your clients.

New Probate Laws: You Will Want to Read This… Trust Me

Here’s your annual round up of five newly-chaptered laws that will go into effect in 2018 and will shape the legal practice of trust and estate litigation, planning and administration for years to come.

Employment Law Legislative Updates

The state minimum wage increases to $10.50 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees and to $11 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees. In accordance with the law, the minimum wage increase will continue through 2022 for employers with 26 or more employees with an increase by $1 until it reaches $15 per hour. 

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  • Lunar New Year Social Event “D.I.N.E. With Us”

    The theme of the magazine this month is “Update on New Laws.”  As usual, our hardworking Editorial Board has assembled excellent authors who have contributed very informative articles.  Though not a “new law,” I write about an exciting “new event” that started as a grassroots effort by two judges and is now sponsored by the […]

  • The Coming New Rules of Professional Conduct

    What is Different and What Does it Mean? The Rules of Professional Conduct are changing and frankly, it is about time. California was one of the few states with its own set of rules and its own numbering system, making it difficult for an attorney from another state to comply with our Rules. As the […]

  • 47th Annual Judges Night Gala

    The Alameda Contra Costa Trial Lawyers’ Association presented its 47th Annual Judges Night Gala on Thursday January 18, 2018. Over 50 local judges and justices attended, including California Supreme Court Associate Justice Carol Corrigan and speaker Dean Erwin Chemerinsky. Honorees included: Honorable Brad Seligman, Alameda County, 2017 Trial Judge of the Year Honorable Christopher Bowen, […]

  • Interview with Incoming Board President James Wu

    Interview with Incoming Board President James Wu

    I am a native of Littleton, Colorado and enjoyed growing up in suburban Denver. My two sisters and I were the first of our family to have been born in the United States since my parents were both born in China.

  • Welcome to the Board

    Welcome to the Board

    Introducing three new members of the Board of Directors of the Contra Costa County Bar Association, Gina Boer, David Erb and Qiana Washington.

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