Additional Offshore Compliance Alternatives Announced

Taxpayers who decide not to come into compliance are doing so at the risk that huge civil and criminal penalties may lie ahead if they are discovered.

Same-Sex Marriage … Same Taxes?

Although it is not widely recognized state-to-state, the ruling in Windsor initiated some guidance with respect to federal law, and how same-sex couples should be filing their federal income tax returns.

You’ve Got (IRS) Mail! What Happens When Your Tax Return is Chosen for Audit

Promptly consult your tax advisor for your response to the interview request. In almost every case, you should have professional assistance at the interview.

Incorporeal Punishment: Corporate Suspension and Forfeiture for Tax Noncompliance

The failure to confirm the tax filing and payment compliance status of the corporate client can have disastrous results.

Immigration Reform Inside the World of Taxes

Will this reform help our economic crisis, and will more undocumented people come out of the shadows, and report their yearly taxes?

Marijuana Taxation Without Legalization

Requiring income to be reported and taxed, while prohibiting a deduction for expenses against this income, can be catastrophic for many small businesses that sell marijuana.

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  • Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

    This tax season will be the first time that many taxpayers encounter the effects of new provisions of the Affordable Care Act, effective January 2014.

  • On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

    On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

    In 2015, locating a female attorney is no longer a “Where’s Waldo?” experience. Regardless of gender, the CCCBA and its sections provide members the opportunity to support one another and grow professionally in the practice of law.

  • How I Survived the MCLE Audit - You Could Be Next!

    How I Survived the MCLE Audit – You Could Be Next!

    The State Bar’s goal is to increase MCLE audits tenfold compared to three years ago, so there is an even greater chance you will be audited within the next five years.

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  • Tax Tips from the Tax Lawyer: Free Filing Services

    Tax Tips from the Tax Lawyer: Free Filing Services

    For taxpayers who have AGI below $60,000, there are many free filing options for completing and filing a federal income tax return.

  • Restaurant Review: Kobe Japan

    Restaurant Review: Kobe Japan

    My Kobe steak was perfectly cooked by our chef, who entertained us with his knife skills, a light and fire show and a smoking volcano!

  • Coroner's Inquests

    Coroner’s Inquests

    A Coroner’s Inquest is held in all cases involving a death related in any way to law enforcement. It is not a grand jury proceeding and is held in open court.

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  • Recent Developments in Ethics

    Recent Developments in Ethics

    I am seeing some trends in the disciplinary context of late. Lawyers getting DUIs because they are on prescription drugs is making a comeback. I am also seeing more women get in trouble for petty theft.

  • Inns of Court: Ethical Violations

    Inns of Court: Ethical Violations

    This was not your standard Inns presentation; this was an avant-garde play, which included soliloquies and even a Broadway standard.

  • Civil Jury Verdicts: February 2015

    Civil Jury Verdicts: February 2015

    One of the bigger jury awards in Contra Costa recent history involved a medical malpractice claim involving alleged negligent management of a twin pregnancy.

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