Family Means No One Gets Left Behind or Forgotten*

We need to restore faith in our courts’ ability to meaningfully enforce modern family rights and responsibilities and ensure everyone equal access to justice.

How To: Writs of Attachment in Financial Elder Abuse Litigation

This article provides a step-by-step explanation of how to obtain and implement a writ of attachment in a financial elder abuse case.

Shared Parenting after Undocumented Abuse

This article discusses the phenomenon whereby two parents who have experienced undocumented Interpersonal Violence (IPV) are ordered by the Family Court to share a joint physical custody parenting plan after separation.

The Enforcement of Premarital Agreements upon Death

Too often, the surviving spouse will be surprised to learn that the deceased spouse’s estate plan fails to comply with the terms of the premarital agreement.

Forging into Unchartered Territory with the Law on Abuse of Dependent Adults

Practitioners should keep a watchful eye on the evolution of the case law on the definition of “dependent adult” under the EADACPA and Penal Code.

Children of Families in Transition

For families in the process of crumbling, it is unfathomable to expect the children to have any notion of how to emotionally or psychologically deal with their parents’ personal issues.

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