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Introduction to the Role of Mental Health Specialists in the End of Life Option Act

Mental health professionals play a prominent role in the End of Life Option Act, as only a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist can provide the specialized assessment to determine the decision-making capacity of an individual requesting to obtain aid-in-dying drugs.

Review of the Current “Right to Die” Statue: Are the Protections Against Undue Influence Sufficient?

The act of unduly influencing a family member to prematurely take his or her life for ill-gotten gain is extremely serious and the safeguards to protect against such conduct should be both comprehensive and of the utmost strength.

California’s “End of Life Option Act” and Family Dilemmas

When the pain or discomfort of illness is more than one can bear, Californians have the End of Life Option Act that allows those who meet the criteria, to take a drug that will end their life.

Dikē: Murder Will Out

The Greeks called her “Dikē.” The Romans, “Justitia.” From his classics education, Judge Carlton knew this goddess of justice uncovered concealed wrongdoing, brought to light dark dealings, and often dispensed justice in unexpected ways so that unforgivable acts received due recompense.

Does an Assisted Suicide Provision Belong in an Estate Plan?

Right or wrong, there is no place for attorneys in the EOLA framework. The EOLA election requires findings by doctors and written statements by the individual at the time of the election.

Hospice East Bay

Hospice East Bay is a pioneer hospice established in 1977 by community volunteers to create support for patients who wanted to die at home. In the 40 years since then, Hospice East Bay has been privileged to serve more than 25,000 patients and their families.

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