Top 10 Reasons to Plan for Succession of Your Law Practice

Like your personal assets, any value of your practice will be lost or greatly diminished without succession planning. Estate plans aren’t just for sissies.

Revisions to the Probate Local Rules: A Work in Progress

While not perfect, the 2015 changes to the Probate Local Rules certainly represent a positive, collaborative effort. The public comment period is open through September 8, 2014.

Estate Planning for Digital Assets: Has Technology Taken Us Back to the Wild West?

Getting access to a decedent’s digital assets can be challenging without specific document language.

Attorney Participation in Breach of Trust

The Court of Appeal held that the active concealment, misrepresentation to the court, and self-dealing for personal financial gain by an attorney amount to participation in breach of trust.

Estate Planners & Business Attorneys: Keeping One Another in Your Peripheral Vision

More often than not, estate planning issues will intersect with the issues bringing your client to your firm.

Capacity and Undue Influence

The challenge to capacity to draft an instrument may depend on facts that may not have been observed or known by an expert. Thus, lay witnesses may express opinions on the issue of a decedent’s competency.

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  • Inside: Guest Editor's Column, July 2014

    Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, July 2014

    Somewhere a little past the midpoint in our career, we find ourselves planning for the future and beginning to think of our succession plan, but also glancing into the past and at what we have accomplished.

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    The Business of Law

    Many of us became lawyers because we weren’t inclined to go into “business.” But the truth is, whether you are an associate, solo or leading a full-service firm, you are running a business.

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