The Future of Dispute Resolution is Here

Based on the Restorative Practices (RP) method now being taught in some public schools, children are learning conflict resolution techniques as early as kindergarten.

Upping Our Game: Mindfulness and Meaning in Mediation

A sensitivity to implicit bias, an awareness of our own emotions and judgments, and a facility for learning and conveying different meanings among the parties will serve us well.

Resolution of High Conflict Disputes

Looking behind the positions, there must be recognition by all parties of the concerns or interests of the other. Only then can there be an exploration of the underlying concerns.

Proposed Rule Changes for the Discovery Facilitator Program

To respond to concerns raised by litigants and discovery facilitators, many changes have been proposed that are designed to streamline the process and alleviate the burden on the discovery facilitators.

Recent Developments in Arbitrator Disclosure

Can counsel successfully vacate an arbitration award after finding negative undisclosed information about the arbitrator in an Internet search?

A Mediator’s Dilemma: Competing Interests in the Same Room

The plaintiff begged the mediator to “make” the attorney accept the offer, even though there would be little paid towards the attorney’s fees.

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  • The Jury Trial

    The Jury Trial

    I thought I would examine the natural endpoint after one common form of ADR—mediation—fails: The jury trial.

  • Ethics Corner: Secret Settlements

    Ethics Corner: Secret Settlements

    What happens when a mediator calls an attorney in for a “private chat without the client”? Mediation brings a new spin to these issues, particularly because of a lack of enforceable black-letter rules.

  • How You Can Help Our Community: Pro Bono in Contra Costa

    How You Can Help Our Community: Pro Bono in Contra Costa

    Are you interested in pro bono opportunities in Contra Costa County, but don’t know what is available? Join us for a Pro Bono Mixer on October 28, 2015.

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    Overruled by ALPS

    ALPS was the most advanced artificial intelligence system available for law firms. ALPS quickly earned Gilbert’s trust and was no longer a piece of hardware, but a personal collaborator.

  • Top Mobile Apps for Busy Legal Professionals

    Top Mobile Apps for Busy Legal Professionals

    With Court Days, you can easily calculate the number of court days, or calendar days, before or given a certain date. You are able to select your jurisdiction, and you can add customized lists of holidays or furlough days.

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