Local Corporations Step Up to Provide Unique Pro Bono Legal Services in Contra Costa County

Contra Costa Senior Legal Services (CCSLS) is celebrating its 40th year of providing free legal services to older residents of our county. The nonprofit organization expects to provide services to a record 1,200 clients this year with a small staff of in-house attorneys and a veritable army of dedicated volunteer attorneys.

The Big 5-0

“Every lawyer has a professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay. A lawyer should aspire to render at least (50) hours of pro bono publico legal services per year.”

Second Annual Pro Bono Expo

The eight organizations at the event offered a wide variety of opportunities for new attorneys who just passed the bar to more “seasoned” lawyers looking to mentor a young attorney or just spend a bit of time each month giving back to the community.

If It’s October, It Must Be Moot Court Time

“Moot Court was one of the most enlightening and enriching experiences in my entire life. Although I felt extremely out-competed, I learned the basics of an appeals court and how to speak as an attorney, a possible career for myself in the future.”

All in the Family – The Marchianos

The value of hard work, integrity, compassion, it can be used in any profession. Especially, as a lawyer, it’s about being a good person and dealing with people. That’s the most important part.

Pro Bono Services: Why, When and How

Why provide pro bono service? You will enjoy the variety of people you will meet, and you’ll sleep better at night. But still we ask “What’s in it for me?

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  • Women's Scholarship Awards Dinner October 27 2016

    Women’s Scholarship Awards Dinner October 27 2016