February 2011 Bar Soap

Hey, I am getting pretty good at this typewriter thing. Move over, Herb Caen. Well, perhaps he has already moved over. Anyone here who does not know who Herb Caen was? No, he was not an attorney.

We know a lot of people are on the move in our local legal community, and I don’t just mean through the security lines at the airport. Speaking of that, San Joaquin County now allows one to show ID and a current Bar Card to bypass the metal detector. Now if we could only get Alameda County to do that I would be happy.

Mark Peterson has left the Concord City Counsel to take up residence on the top floor of the DA building in Martinez as our new DA. He did have an office in that same building before the move upstairs. I think it was a closet in the basement, however. Has anyone noticed the DA building is one of the few government buildings downtown without a person’s name? No Mark, it is too early to think about the Mark Peterson District Attorney Building.

Speaking of attorneys on the move, everyone reports payments to attorneys are way down, so attorney balance sheets are on the move down. Look for something on that topic in one of the upcoming issues of the Contra Costa Lawyer (April, to be exact).

Another lawyer on the move is former Concord Police Chief David Livingston. He is now the County Sheriff, a licensed attorney and a long-standing member of our local Bar Association. That does remind me to once again encourage all Contra Costa County Lawyers to join the Local Bar Association. Who doesn’t get a case and immediately look up the opposing counsel in the Contra Costa Bar Association Membership & Reference Directory? “Oh okay, now I know who she/he is  from the picture in the directory.” It is kind of hard when there is no picture though. Even harder when there is no membership.

On the move is the firm O’Conner, Runckel  & O’Malley. The firm has relocated to Walnut Creek from Concord. Rumor has it their success required more space. Remember in the 1980’s everyone was moving to Walnut Creek? During the boom, lots of firms moved north again. Now we are seeing the move back south to my home town of Walnut Creek. What boom you say?

Bar Soap - a column by Matt Guichard

Candice Stoddard has stepped down as Editor of the Contra Costa Lawyer after three years. Wow time has flown. New Editor is Nicolle Mills. It is a time consuming and thankless job. But thankfully they do a wonderful and very necessary job. Incidentally, Candice has moved her office to 1350 Treat Blvd in Walnut Creek. Closer to Club Sport?

Kate Burch, Nicole McLaughlin and Wendy Smith have joined Archer Norris as new associates. Nice to see someone is hiring. Quinlan Tom has been hired as a partner by Newmeyer & Dillion LLP, a real estate law firm based in Walnut Creek. Attorneys Terence Church, Monica Sloboda and Katherine Wenger were named principals at Walnut Creek based Morgan Miller Blair. Jim Wickersham is joining Frankel & Goldware LLP, as “Of counsel” effective March 1, 2011. Delia Isvoranu, a member of our Robert G. McGrath American Inn of Court, has been promoted to partner at Filice Brown Eassa & McLeod LLP. Mike Low has joined Janssen and Doyle.

Last but not least, our own Erika Portillo has been named a partner and shareholder at Guichard, Teng & Portello. Lots of you thought she was already a name partner. That would be Will Portello. Even our Contra Costa Bar Membership Directory listed her name in our firm heading. Mine says Portello, hers says Portillo. She surely has some influence.

Keeps those cards and letters coming, and don’t forget your sense of humor!

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