February 2011 President’s Message

Welcome to our very first online issue of the Contra Costa Lawyer! I think I can speak on behalf of the entire Board of Directors and the editorial board when I say that we are very excited to make this new offering available to our membership.  How appropriate that the theme for this flagship issue is “Green!”

Our plan is to offer six online issues this year, alternating with six issues of our traditional print version.  The print issues will also be available online.  This new plan is the result of some serious head-scratching.  We are very proud of the print version of our magazine and it has always received high marks from our membership.  We are mindful that people don’t like changing a good thing.  Still, times are changing, and the bar association is changing with the times.  The online issues allow us to provide our members opportunities the print issues just couldn’t provide.

The online version allows our articles to be searched, linked to and found by the general public.  The lead time required to publish is shorter.  There are no rules about length and number of articles.  In short, the Contra Costa Lawyer can be more timely and topical than ever before AND give our members the marketing opportunities they are seeking.  The online magazine fully leverages the technological times for the benefit of our members.

Kathryn Schofield, 2011 CCCBA Board President

If you have an article idea, there is nothing stopping you from writing it up and submitting it.  You don’t have to wait to be asked.  This is your invitation.  Please submit your articles early and often.  (Read our Publishing Guidelines for more information.)

There are some fiscal benefits to this change.  Our members expect us to be prudent with their dues, especially in these financial times.  Shifting half of our issues online allows the dollars to go further.  We can both upgrade the print version and save costs overall.  We hope our advertisers will like the additional on line exposure, too.

Of course, another benefit to our online issues is that less printing is very “green.”  To that end, even our print version has been upgraded – using environmentally conscious ink and paper.

We believe that this switch is a great thing all around.  Take a tour, and please let us know what you think.  We think you will like what you see.

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