“ObamaCare.” Discuss.

Health care is too important and too complicated for “democratic” decision. Few of us understand much about it. That is why we are a republic. Our elected representatives need to work it out. I don’t like hostile attacks on Congress for this reason.

Thomas W. Cain – Law Office of  Thomas W. Cain

Sometimes something that is done quickly but not perfectly is better than nothing at all. I was around for the Hillary Clinton Healthcare initiative, for the Bush Healthcare initiative, and now we have this. As Churchill said, “the Americans will try everything until they figure it out.”

James R. Arnold – The Arnold Law Practice

Anything that increases health coverage available to Americans is better than what we have, but the only really just system is single-payer, universal care that does not tie health coverage to employment (unemployed people get sick, too). Requiring people to buy insurance is the opposite direction of where we should be going; that just helps the insurance companies and burdens the people even more. I am ashamed that the U.S. is so stingy about taking care of its own people (leaving out the question of caring for OTHERS).

Paula Aiello – Law Office of Paula Aiello

“Death Panels.” “Socialized Medicine.” “Medicare Vouchers.” Do they really think we are that stupid?

Dana L. Santos – Certified Family Law Specialist

The Obama health care plan is Obama’s in name alone. The plan was written by the health care industry and its lobbyists to serve its financial goals, not patients or providers. It provides a trillion dollar gift to that industry over the next decade, on a level with the Obama bailout of the banks and insurance companies. In light of this grotesque travesty, it is up to us, individually, to bring enough pressure from the bottom up to force our political institutions to do the decent thing for all Americans and implement a true single payer health care plan. Please support SB 810 which has just passed the California Senate and is on its way to Governor Brown’s desk for signature.

David Baker

It’s difficult to comment on a piece of legislation that is over 2000 pages long and which no one – not even the lawmakers urging its passage and that it not to be tampered with – has read.

Brian M. Sanders, Esq. – Ericksen Arbuthnot

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