Same Sex Statistics

Here are some interesting same-sex facts and statistics for 2011,  as cited by the Gay Marriage Research Center:

Gay Marriage Facts

Same-Sex Marriage in the US: From legal (blue) to constitutional bans (red)

States where gay marriage is legal:

  • Massachusetts (2004)
  • Connecticut (2008)
  • Iowa (2009)
  • Vermont (2009)
  • New Hampshire (2010)
  • Washington, D.C. (2010) (not a state)

Recognition of same-sex relationships in the United States

States That Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages:

  • New York
  • California (only if the marriage is from before Proposition 8 was passed)

Constitutional Bans on Same-Sex Unions

Gay Marriage Support

Should gays an lesbians be allowed to marry?

  • 43% say yes
  • 47% say no
  • 10% are unsure

Statistics Source: Pew Research Center


The 2000 census did not count gay marriages directly, so the following are estimates based on how people reported their household. It counts households with 2 members of the same sex that are unrelated. 2010 census information on gay couples has not yet been compiled.

  • Total Number of Gay Couples: 594,391
  • Number of People in a Couple: 1.2 Million
  • State With the Most Couples: California (92,138)
  • State With the Least Couples: North Dakota (703)
  • Highest Concentration of Gay Couples (% of all couples): Washington, D.C. (1.29%)
  • Lowest Concentration of Gay Couples (% of all couples): North and South Dakota (.22%)

Gay people make up 1-4% of the population in most cities, but are more concentrated [PDF] in metropolitan areas.

Most Same Sex Couples by City:

  1. New York, NY: 47,000
  2. Los Angeles, CA: 12,000
  3. Chicago, IL: 10,000

Statistics Source: 2000 Census.

Highest LGBT Concentration by Major Metropolitan City

  1. San Francisco, CA: 15.4%
  2. Seattle, WA: 12.9%
  3. Atlanta, GA: 12.8%

Statistics Source: 2000 Census.

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