Coffee Talk: Lawyers in Love

This month, we asked our members who work with their spouse or significant other, to share their stories. We highlighted the following three stories in the Spotlight category – you can enjoy the rest of the responses below:


My spouse and I have been working together in some capacity for over seven years. Currently, he manages my law office. Fortunately, we had the benefit of being friends and co-workers for a few years before becoming a couple, so we already knew that we liked and respected each other as well as worked well together. That basic foundation has benefited not only our working relationship but our personal relationship as well.

Our home life is our priority, so we are careful to keep weekends clear and to keep “work” out of our home. We can discuss it on the way to and from the office but by the time we get home, work is over.  However, since we don’t have any employees, it is always okay to discuss “home” at work!

We also make it a point to spend some time apart with outside activities, but truly, I can’t imagine anyone else I would rather spend my time with, whether working or playing, so I am very lucky indeed!

– Martha G. McQuarrie, Esq.


My wife, Carol, graduated from Hastings in 1980. She acts as my high tech consultant (computer whiz) pays bills on time, edits my Greek briefs and puts them into English, is my trial technologist scanning key exhibits into a computer and shows them with at trial with aplomb, and attended one mediation in which I had a tax issue. Her familiarity with tax  was immeasurably helpful. She had spent considerable time editing my brief and thus knew the facts at least as well as I did.

I say, with pride, I urged her to attend law school and had the pleasure of paying for it.

She is tolerant of long hours but knows what I do at the office. We are a team. Lucky me.

– Howard Melamed


Our joint practice works perfectly….Peter just does what I say.

– Johnson & Johnson


My wife, Priscilla has worked for me as my Assistant for 30 years.  She is the one that is the link to our clientele – they all want to call and speak with her!  What is the secret of working together?  It is one of mutual respect and being able to rely on one another to manage my practice over these many years.  We know that our working relationship is not very common in the legal community, but it has always given us a lot of personal reward and tremendously enhanced our relationship in many ways that can only be attributable to a shared commitment, a great sense of humor and the satisfaction of the work we can do together to achieve the best results.  It works for us!

Bob Buchman

Buchman Provine Brothers Smith LLP


Lindsay Slatter and I had our first date in 2004,  ten years after we met.  By that time, we had been “of counsel” for several years.  We moved in together in 2005 and became law partners in 2006.  Our dual roles work for many reasons.   We never talk shop in the master bedroom, nor do we make out in the office.    We respect one another’s opinions, so neither of us pulls rank.  We talk things out instread.  We share personal and professional values. We are friends as well as spouses as well as partners.  We each understand if the other needs to burn the midnight oil or go play hookey.  Our license plate frame reads, “Dont’ push the river.”  We have a very, very good staff at the office.  We share a sense of humor.   We both have very long fuses; never yet had an argument.  We enjoy each other’s company.  We recognize how rare all of this is and savor every minute of every day.

– Jerome Fishkin



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