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The Many Faces of Financial Elder Law Abuse

The Many Faces of Financial Elder Abuse

Many people think elder law is a stand-alone set of laws that pertain only to probate. Not true. Elder financial abuse cases often cross over into other areas of the law in interesting ways. Below are some examples of matters successfully handled by Elder Law Center attorneys.

New Senior Financial Abuse Protection Statues for Annuity Sales Practices

New Senior Financial Abuse Protection Statutes for Annuity Sales Practices

As of January 1, 2013, new senior protection statutes came into effect. These statutes outlaw certain practices of insurance agents who have been plying the senior annuity market. The new laws make it illegal for an insurance agent to use the delivery of legal documents as a means for gaining entrance into a senior’s home.

Financial Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse – A Primer for Litigators

Financial Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse – A Primer For Litigators

Financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult is proscribed by the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, codified in Chapter 11 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code (“the Act”). Passed in 1982, the focus of this Act, sometimes referred to as EADACPA, is “to protect a particularly vulnerable portion of the population from gross mistreatment in the form of abuse and custodial neglect.”[1] Historically, elder or dependent adult abuse was rarely litigated “due to problems of proof, court delays, and the lack of incentives to prosecute these suits.”[2]

Skilled Nursing Custodial Care - Options for Payment

Skilled Nursing Custodial Care – Options for Payment

The scenario is all too familiar – mom has been living alone, has dementia and is no longer able to live by herself or care for herself. Her physician has indicated that it is time to consider a facility to provide for her ongoing needs because providing in-home care is not feasible due to cost or the level of care needed. The doctor has recommended skilled nursing care for her. So, now that a skilled nursing home appears necessary, how is mom going to pay for this care?

In the Beginning: The Homeowner Bill of Rights and EADACPA

In the Beginning…the Homeowner Bill of Rights and EADACPA

The Great Real Estate Meltdown of 2008 generated numerous attempts to address the massive uptick in real estate foreclosures. The all-too-common scenario that needs to be addressed is when a borrower is told by a nameless mortgage servicer’s phone representative that they can qualify for a loan modification if they just stop making payments on the loan.

Collaboration is the Key to Protecting Seniors in Contra Costa County

Collaboration is the Key to Protecting Seniors in Contra Costa County

As most of you know, Contra Costa County has scheduled Elder Court calendars nearly every Tuesday morning since 2008 to handle financial, physical, or emotional abuse cases affecting Contra Costa adults age 65 and older.

A Brave New World

A Brave New World

Year after year, the news out of Sacramento is depressingly the same: reduced funding for the courts. The exact figures are not before me, but literally millions of dollars have been cut from the budget of our county over the last several years. Clerks have been let go. Hours of service have been reduced. And most recently the positions of five court commissioners have been left vacant, including those sitting in the discovery and family law departments.

Elder Law Issue-Spotting 101

Elder Law Issue-Spotting 101

Planning an elder law issue for the general consumption of lawyers is a challenge. Elder law defies definition. It is contracts, taxes, benefits planning, probate, conservatorships and trusts. It is class actions. It is personal injury, family law and criminal law. It is real estate. Not only is elder law as a practice area ridiculously broad, the elder law landscape is in constant motion.

Skilled Nursing Facilities: A Personal Perspective

After my mother was hospitalized for a broken hip, I had 24 hours to place her in a skilled nursing facility. One would think that with a growing population of seniors, there would be a wealth of information, but I learned that some of the key information could only come from others with personal experience.

Who Shops for the Shoes?

Who shops for the shoes? I never considered the question until becoming a professional fiduciary. Attorneys often recommend professional, neutral fiduciaries to help and protect elderly clients when family conflict threatens or there is no immediate family living in the area. To get a glimpse into a fiduciary’s day, take a moment to put yourself into these “shoes.”

A Village for Lamorinda?

How would you like to have the amenities of a residential retirement community while staying in your own home and aging in place safely, securely and with the confidence of having a high quality of life? The objective of a village is to help its members delay, or if desired, avoid relocation to a retirement community without compromising that quality of life.

The Ethics Corner

There are two recently decided cases that affect Contra Costa practitioners no matter what area of law they practice in, addressing the question of whether a party waives the attorney–client privilege forever by voluntarily disclosing privileged documents to the federal government.

2013 Annual Officer Installation Lunch [Video and Photos]

2013 Annual Officer Installation Lunch [Video and Photos]

On January 25, the 2013 Board of Directors and Section Leaders of the Contra Costa County Bar Association were officially installed during a luncheon honoring Richard Frankel for nearly two decades of extraordinary volunteer service to the CCCBA. After the presentations, Board President Jay Chafetz sat down with the Honorable Goodwin Liu for a mesmerizing Q&A chat.

Deadline Fast Approaching: Renew Your Membership Today

The Membership Renewal Drive is ending on March 1, 2013. Don’t miss out on being included in the 2013-2014 membership directory. Here’s a few benefits of the directory: Membership-wide distribution increases visibility Utilized as a popular reference tool by attorneys and legal professionals Extra exposure in the Specialty Practice section Click here to renew your […]

Congratulations to the Winner of the CCCBA Online Renewal Drawing

Congratulations to Steven L. Sumnick, 2013 winner of the CCCBA Online Renewal Drawing. Mr. Sumnick has won a “day pass” worth $175.00 for the use of the CCCBA conference room with our new concierge service.