Coffee Talk: What suggestions do you have for improvements and/or changes at the Contra Costa Superior Court?

Add an attorney window for limited jurisdiction matters or have a dedicated attorney only window for all matters.

David HermelinHermelin Law Firm

There should be online availability of documents like in San Francisco and Alameda counties.

Jordan J. “Jody” Yudien, Yudien Law Firm

When an original Will is lodged after a person’s death, the clerk’s office should include a cover sheet stamped with the pertinent information: i.e., the Court and County name, “Received” or “Lodged,” the date, any reference number and the receipt for the lodge fee. Currently they just send back a generic receipt with no identifying information. The $50 fee should at least get clients a proper lodged receipt!

Dess Benedetto, Family Trust Law Center

Have a simple video in the civil clerk’s office for the public to see, explaining the benefits of mediation and ADR.

Tom Cain

Understood that we don’t have the funding for efiling. What about doing it on a limited basis by allowing submission of Case Management Statements by email to one email box at the clerk’s office? (Another local county that normally follows our lead has taken the lead by implementing this practice.)

Harvey Sohnen, Law Office of Sohnen & Kelly

Court should scan documents into website and allow litigants to access said documents. Minute orders should be posted online and be accessible online. Using a “fax & file” system: allowing litigants to pay about 50 cents a page. This would generate income for our court and save litigants money also. (Alameda County has this system in place.)

Howard R. Melamed


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