Coffee Talk: How does being a lawyer affect your family life?

My wife says I sound angry when I just think I am being emphatic or clarifying.

Mark  W. Frisbie

Before I took up boxing and kickboxing, being a lawyer meant bringing a lot of stress and distractions back to my family life, but not any longer. Exercise before coming home relaxes me and since everything at work is privileged and/or confidential, I am able to process physically what I can’t say verbally at the gym. It is nice to switch from being in my brain, to focusing on my body. I leave being a lawyer at work and come home from boxing and Muay Thai as a relaxed human once again.

Jessica A. Braverman, Esq., Braverman Mediation & Consulting

My husband has been incredibly supportive. Our adult children have adapted well. The cat remains unimpressed…

Susan L. Aglietti

I work from home so other than annoying my wife with an extremely messy office, it works out perfectly. I am almost always around when our daughter gets home from school and when work is slow, the housework gets done (sometimes).

David S. Pearson, Law Offices of David S. Pearson

What family life?

Dominic Signorotti

As a new lawyer and a new single mom it’s tough, but I love the challenge!

JoAnne Biernacki, Esq., JB Legal Counsel

Saves my family a lot of legal expense.

Wayne Smith 

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