Coffee Talk: What online resources do you use to support your practice?

One of my absolute favorites is It includes the Federal Rules and the U.S. Code. Another is the California Courts website, It has links to each Superior Court site (which, in turn, has its local rules), the California Rules of Court, the Judicial Council forms (writable!), the approved jury instructions, recently released opinions (published and un-published) and the free California Lexis.

Robert Seeds, Greenan, Peffer, Sallander & Lally LLP

The online program that I have used for years is Access Law. I first learned of the program through the California State Bar. It is administered through the Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB). It is reasonably priced at $39 per month. The program allows access to the California opinions, daily opinion service, U.S. Supreme Court Opinions, California Codes, California Rules of Court, 9th Circuit opinions and legislative history. In addition, the slip opinions and squibs are posted daily. The program also includes a case alert for checking the status of the case citations.

Moreover, I can sign into the program from any computer. Perhaps, the best feature of Access Law is the natural language search.

 Martin James Martinez

Fidelity Passport for title summaries, deeds, title history, etc.

David A. Brown

I use every online resource that applies to any given case. This includes legal research, background research, personnel research, facts and circumstances research, all bar association sites, service sites such as One Legal, etc.

Wayne Smith

I use most social media and blogging as marketing tools for my practice. We all know that legal marketing is a necessary evil of the law practice and social media visibility is a necessary evil of modern legal marketing, none of which is billable to clients. Over time, I have developed them as part of my marketing plan with virtually no cost and little time commitment.

Kenneth P. Strongman, Esq.

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