Coffee Talk: When have you advised your clients to consult an estate planner?

I sometimes meet with clients who have received substantial inheritances from their parents or who have experienced great success with their business. These clients often have no estate plan of their own. When I see this, I advise these clients to consult an estate planning attorney. Otherwise, they could end up with avoidable estate or gift tax issues.

Bob Jacobs, The Law Office of Robert B. Jacobs

I advise consulting an estate planner when a client is planning on storing frozen embryos. Since embryos are in a special class, inheritance or use posthumously typically has special issues.

Diane Michelsen, Family Formation Law Offices

With over three decades into my Family Wealth Preservation estate planning practice, my focus is on preparing heirs through mediation of intra-family estate and trust disputes that invariably arise throughout the stages of life. When I serve as mediator with a family, I do not serve as attorney for any family member, including the parents, nor do I provide legal advice. Instead, I advise them to consult with another attorney for estate planning or any other legal matters.

Nancy L. Powers, Powers Law


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