Coffee Talk: If you weren’t an attorney, what would be your dream career?

If I weren’t an attorney, I’d be a swim coach, which was my summer job in high school and through college.

Stephen Steinberg

I would run an animal sanctuary and no-kill rescue operation. I currently volunteer for several animal rescue organizations and visit animal sanctuaries in my free time. Just looking at a picture of my dogs lowers my stress level immediately!

Martha G. McQuarrie, Esq.

I would want to be an Imagineer with Disney, building cool things (like a rocket and launcher I built for a party).

Stuart C. Gilliam

Butcher, long-haul trucker, or race car driver, not necessarily in that order of preference. But who’s to say I can’t be a lawyer AND one or more of those at the same time?

Gary Vadim Dubrovsky, Dubrovsky Law

I would be an architect. “Nothing is higher than an architect.”

C. Joseph Doherty

I’d be a makeup artist. I was always interested in makeup, especially the special effects makeup they do in the movies, or at fashion shows, where one can do the more creative and elaborate getups.

Marta R. Vanegas, J.D., LL.M., Law Offices of John F. Martin

A ballerina!

Bonnie C. Maly

A fashion designer, interpreter, or high school foreign language teacher. I did become a teacher (law professor for 10 years, including visiting lecture gigs at various foreign law schools where I was able to put into practice my foreign language aptitude). I bought my first sewing machine last December and have been taking classes and making fun projects with my young sons. Childhood aspirations don’t have to evaporate; they might just take on a different form.

Lucia Kanter St. Amour

A pilot in the USAF.

Lewis G Pascalli, Jr.

I would be a singer. I almost dropped out of law school to pursue a music career, but in the end decided I wanted a more stable lifestyle. Now I spend much of my spare time singing, but only for fun, not to earn a living.

Deborah Jo Sandler

I would be an artist and paint.

Jeffrey Hall

Never really thought that way. I suppose I would be an author.

Wayne Smith

My acceptance to law school arrived the day after I had notified UCLA that I would take them up on their offer to accept me into their graduate program. I intended to be a professor of computer engineering. But my dream job? Professor of American history. Damn shame there weren’t any jobs available in that field back in the mid-’80s.

Doug MacMaster, Chief Assistant District Attorney

After modest effort, I cannot think of a “dream career” that wouldn’t be more dream than work. Call me lucky (or unimaginative).

Mark W. Frisbie


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