Coffee Talk: Please share a positive experience you’ve had with court staff.

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Recently I made my first appearance before the … Probate Court in Martinez. [The judge] was deliberate and clear, and friendly but focused on the issues. At the end of the hearing he took the time to compliment me based on my work provided while appearing in front of him. As a professional I truly appreciated this extension of professional esteem from the bench. It made me want to do even better next time.

Cyrus J. Johnson, Esq.

It is easier to say I’ve never had a negative experience!

Martha G. McQuarrie, Law Office of Martha G. McQuarrie

It’s a pleasure to work with all of the probate department staff. From the examiners to the court staff to the filing clerks, we are fortunate in this county to have people who really know what they are doing. It makes it easier for everybody and keeps our cases moving smoothly.

Dess A. Benedetto, Family TLC, Inc.

After over four years of being a deputy public defender in different counties where I worked closely with the court staff and had a great rapport with them, it was difficult for me to not know anyone in the Contra Costa courtrooms when I moved to the Bay Area a few months ago. The court staff … embraced me from the very first day and made me feel at home. [Their] organizational skills and professional attitude has made my day on many occasions and I am truly grateful for [the] court staff’s hard work and professionalism.

Arezou Bakhtjou

I have nothing but positive interaction with the court staff. All of them. Despite cutbacks and pressure on available time, I think the staff in the Contra Costa courts maintain a level of friendly civility and helpfulness I do not always see elsewhere.

Wayne Smith, Law Office of Wayne Smith

I am so appreciative of the Contra Costa Probate examiners every time I read their comments in advance of my hearing. Most county probate staffs provide their comments only a day or so before the hearing, and there is often not sufficient time to respond to their questions. In Contra Costa, the comments are available more than a week in advance of the hearing. This additional time increases the likelihood that the attorneys can prepare adequate responses, and it reduces the number of matters that are continued in order to provide supplemental information. Thank you to the Probate Department for making my job easier for my clients.

J. Virginia Peiser, Archer Norris

The probate examiners … are the most helpful, kind and patient people in the world.


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