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compassWhat is LRIS?

Our Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) staff handles over 12,000 calls and online requests each year from members of the public who contact us with legal-related problems; over 5,000 of those calls result in client consultations with members of our LRIS each year. Clients are carefully screened to determine whether a consultation with an attorney or a referral to another agency is the most appropriate course of action.

When it is clear that the caller would benefit from consulting with an attorney, a 30-minute consultation is scheduled with an LRIS panelist who has met specific experience requirements, maintains malpractice insurance coverage[1] and who practices in the geographic and subject matter areas that match the client’s needs. The LRIS is a public service of the Contra Costa County Bar Association, a non-profit organization.

Our Lawyer Referral & Information Service is certified by the State Bar of California (Certification #0018) and meets American Bar Association Standards.

Moderate Means Program

Help make quality legal support a reality for moderate income clients by joining the Moderate Means Program! As an adjunct to the Lawyer Referral & Information Service, this program offers reduced-fee representation in family law, immigration and elder law matters. The program is designed to make legal services available for those who do not qualify for pro bono services but who still do not have the means to retain attorneys at their usual rates.

Moderate Means clients pay participating attorneys a modest retainer and hourly rate that fit within the program guidelines. Panel attorneys come from all different legal backgrounds and experience levels.

Family Law Alternative Resolution  (FLARe) Program

Also an adjunct to LRIS, the FLARe program provides a mediation alternative for parties with a family law situation who agree to attempt resolution of their dispute using this process. A 90-minute session at a much-reduced rate is offered to give clients the opportunity to determine if mediation would be useful in attempting to resolve their entire family case. The FLARe program is never offered where domestic violence is a factor.

Why YOU Should Join the LRIS

  • We do the marketing and screening for you: We get over 12,000 calls each year from people who are looking for legal representation. Rather than place expensive ads in the yellow pages, magazines or other publications hoping that prospective clients might need your services some day, your LRIS membership gives you access to the people who really need your help today, pre-screened by our LRIS staff.
  • LRIS referrals are paying clients: Almost $2 million in attorney fees are collected annually from clients referred by our LRIS. Although not every case leads to a paying client, there are rewards realized even from prospective clients who only come in for a consultation. An initial consultation can lead to a long and profitable attorney-client relationship, as well as future referrals to colleagues, friends and family.
  • Better clients as a result of the LRIS: There is a growing distrust of what are often perceived as selfserving yellow page ads and TV infomercials. The public is looking for a referral source that can be trusted. Our LRIS is certified by the State Bar of California and approved by the ABA as an independent provider of competent and reliable legal representation.

Join the LRIS now by contacting the Contra Costa County Bar Association at (925) 686-6900 or by visiting our website at

What LRIS Clients Say…

These quotes are taken from our regular client surveys.

  • About the LRIS: “I was happy to know this service was available because I did not know where to start searching for an attorney who handled that kind of thing … Thank you very much.”
  • About LRIS panelist Joseph Wolch: “Mr. Wolch was very helpful and gave me valuable legal advice on my case.”
  • About LRIS panelist Joseph Tully: “Very good consult. Excellent advice. Very attentive. Sincerely interested. Would give him a five-star rating and would recommend him to others. Took more time with me than that of what the Bar called for. My sincerest thanks to the Bar and to Joseph Tully.”
  • About LRIS panelist John Schilt: “Mr. Schilt was extremely helpful about the set of facts and issues we presented. His analysis and advice was thoughtful, and he was generous with his time in considering the case. We would certainly consider him for more complex real estate issues.”

[1] Affordable LRIS malpractice insurance coverage is available to solo practitioners through Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company. Please call 1 (800) 252-2045 for rates and details.

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