Coffee Talk: What do you think of the new artwork in front of the Family Law Center?

201511Our November Contra Costa Lawyer magazine cover featured the new art sculpture which now sits in front of the Peter L. Spinetta Family Law Center.

There has been quite a buzz about this installation, so we chose this as a coffee talk question for our December issue, and sure enough, we got a number of responses.

Before we go into those, let’s hear from Christine Callahan, a key player in this project, about the artwork:

“The Art in the Courthouse Committee (AIC), a non-profit group of public art enthusiasts devoted to displaying fine art in Contra Costa Court facilities, commissioned Napa artist Gordon Huether to create a bright, welcoming public art sculpture for the entrance area of the Peter Spinetta Family Law Center.

“The modest, but elegant, bright chartreuse site-specific sculpture entitled ‘The Nature of Life’ was designed with the site and mission of this facility in mind. Huether’s intent was to activate the space and to create a sculpture that inspires a sense of completion and reflection, inviting visitors to overcome struggles and move forward with their lives. It suggests a sense of wholeness.”

Coffee Talk Responses

I think it’s pretty cool. Maybe not something I’d want in my living room but pretty nice for outside the courthouse. The thinking behind it is nice too—great to see attention given to minimizing the stress that many family law parties feel. Hooray for public art—let’s hope for even more!

Karen Juster Hecht

It reminds me of something I’d see at a Quidditch match.

Neil Holmes

Too soon to tell. I’ll let you know when it’s finished.

John E. Manoogian, Law Offices of John E. Manoogian

As a Cal fan, I am not super enthused about the Oregon Ducks staking their claim to the Peter L. Spinetta Family Law Center. I realize that Cal football has not beaten Oregon since the monsoon game of 2008, but perhaps when Cal next beats Oregon, we can take it down and put up a giant blue C instead.

Matthew B. Talbot, Law Offices of Matthew B. Talbot

Not sure what it is or what it represents. I hope it wasn’t too expensive.

David S. Pearson, Law Offices of David S. Pearson

It has already succeeded as a piece of art in that it has generated discussions. By the way, am I the only one in this county who is reminded of those Wint-O-Green Life savers that glow in the dark?

Harvey Sohnen, Law Offices of Sohnen & Kelly

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