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Updates on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Updates on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Effective July 1, 2014, a new disclosure requirement has been added to Ethics Standard 7.

August 2012 - Alternative Dispute Resources Edition

August 2012 – Alternative Dispute Resources Edition

Highlights of the August 2012 Contra Costa Lawyer edition include articles on creative case management techniques, preparing for mediation, and avoiding disputes by seeking win-win outcomes from the start

An Alternative Approach to Pre-mediation Discovery

An Alternative Approach to Pre-mediation Discovery

This article explores how disputes may be strategically positioned for early mediation whilst providing for enough core discovery to make mediation meaningful, without breaking the bank.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): Today and Tomorrow

ODR no longer appears to be an interesting curiosity. In numbers of matters resolved, automated ODR processes may already exceed traditional methods.

Avoiding Disputes: Keep the Litigants Out of it

Avoiding Disputes: Keep the Litigants Out of it

The current under-funding of our courts can produce substantial disadvantages for parties wishing to assert their legal rights against those that violate them- and it looks like it is only going to get worse, with increasing delays in obtaining court dates, more issues that are resolved on the pleadings, and increased reliance upon Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) methods, such as mediation and arbitration. Even though ADR methods have helped parties resolve disputes without long and costly litigation, costs associated with conventional ADR approaches can still inhibit parties from asserting their rights.

How to Resolve Fee Disputes with your Client: Fee Arbitration and Mediation Program

When Your Client Has Not Paid Your Bill If your client has repeatedly ignored your attempts to communicate and resolve your unpaid fee — follow these steps: Under Business and Professions Code § 6200-6206, if you serve or intend to serve your client a summons in a law suit or proceed under a contract that […]

February 2014 - ADR Edition

February 2014 – ADR Edition

Highlights of the February 2014 Contra Costa Lawyer edition include articles on alternative dispute resolution, mediation, conflict resolution programs and more.

Inside Guest Editor's Column, February 2014

Inside Guest Editor’s Column, February 2014

This month, we are focusing on Alternative Dispute Resolution—a topic that is relevant to almost all areas in the practice of law.

Unintended Consequences of ADR

Unintended Consequences of ADR

The renaissance of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in California civil law in the last 30 years has generated an extraordinary rippling effect of five unintended consequences.

ADR in Family Law

Family Law Litigants in Contra Costa County get Meaningful Alternative Dispute Resolution Opportunity Through the Double Pro Per Settlement Conference Calendar

Mediation: The Cure for What Ails Your Case

It comes up all the time: two parties who can’t be in the same room for more than 10 minutes without coming close to blows, but don’t have the money to continue to fund the litigation;  the client who, no matter how many times you explain logically and rationally that their position makes no sense, […]

Update on Mediation Confidentiality

Update on Mediation Confidentiality

Both mediators and participants should understand the possibility that mediation communications and writings may be discoverable in certain situations. Two California court decisions that protected the absolute privilege, despite creating arguably unfair results, have caused much consternation.

Meet CCCBA's 2017 Section Leaders

Meet CCCBA’s 2017 Section Leaders

Introducing an amazing group of hardworking and dedicated individuals who are the backbone of the Contra Costa County Bar Association – the Section Leaders!

Civil Division Update

Civil Division Update

We are grateful to the Bar for establishing the Discovery Facilitator Program a few years ago to fill the gap when budget cuts caused us to lose Commissioner Judith Sanders.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

After ADR Fails in Family Law… What Happens Next?

Both Collaborative Practice and mediation rely on voluntary, free exchange of information and commitment to resolutions respecting everyone’s shared goals. But if the parties had mutual trust, shared goals and could communicate effectively, they probably would not be getting a divorce.