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Inns of Court: When Elder Abuse Crosses Over

Inns of Court: When Elder Abuse Crosses Over

Elder abuse is a crime that can be tackled through any number of legal proceedings, be they probate, civil or criminal. This presentation looked at the different proceedings to educate our members.

How To: Writs of Attachment in Financial Elder Abuse Litigation

How To: Writs of Attachment in Financial Elder Abuse Litigation

This article provides a step-by-step explanation of how to obtain and implement a writ of attachment in a financial elder abuse case.

Elder Court: Streamlining the Legal Process to Ensure Access to Justice

Elder Court: Streamlining the Legal Process to Ensure Access to Justice

The concept of Elder Protection Courts has spread across the state and the country, with Contra Costa County serving as a mentor court.

Inns of Court - Financial Elder Abuse

Inns of Court – Financial Elder Abuse

The evening was an expansive discussion on many aspects of elder law, including both the estate planning, probate issues and criminal options. With the silver tsunami (i.e. the graying boomers) about to hit America, elder law issues are going to be more important than ever in the coming years.

February 2013 - Elder Law Edition

February 2013 – Elder Law Edition

Highlights of the February 2013 Contra Costa Lawyer edition include articles about elder law issues, senior abuse, skilled nursing facilities and more.

The Many Faces of Financial Elder Law Abuse

The Many Faces of Financial Elder Abuse

Many people think elder law is a stand-alone set of laws that pertain only to probate. Not true. Elder financial abuse cases often cross over into other areas of the law in interesting ways. Below are some examples of matters successfully handled by Elder Law Center attorneys.

Financial Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse – A Primer for Litigators

Financial Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse – A Primer For Litigators

Financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult is proscribed by the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, codified in Chapter 11 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code (“the Act”). Passed in 1982, the focus of this Act, sometimes referred to as EADACPA, is “to protect a particularly vulnerable portion of the population from gross mistreatment in the form of abuse and custodial neglect.”[1] Historically, elder or dependent adult abuse was rarely litigated “due to problems of proof, court delays, and the lack of incentives to prosecute these suits.”[2]

Elder Law Issue-Spotting 101

Elder Law Issue-Spotting 101

Planning an elder law issue for the general consumption of lawyers is a challenge. Elder law defies definition. It is contracts, taxes, benefits planning, probate, conservatorships and trusts. It is class actions. It is personal injury, family law and criminal law. It is real estate. Not only is elder law as a practice area ridiculously broad, the elder law landscape is in constant motion.

Coffee Talk: How have elder issues impacted your family or professional life?

As a full-time mediator, I have had the privilege of mediating several cases addressing elder issues. One involved a ninety year old widower who contested his daughter’s belief that he could no longer effectively manage his considerable portfolio of properties and would deplete her anticipated inheritance.

Thank You for Your Support of the Elder Law Center and the Law Center’s Pro Bono Efforts!

The Law Center (“TLC”), and the Elder Law Center (“ELC”), along with its Board of Directors would like to gratefully thank all the Members of the Contra Costa County Bar Association Sections that continue to support our pro bono efforts for the working poor and elder population in our community. In 2011, TLC and ELC […]

Wait, What?! The Trials and Tribulations of an Elder Abuse Lawyer

Wait, What?! The Trials and Tribulations of an Elder Abuse Lawyer

This article in this month’s “hot” online issue marks my somewhat dubious entry into the blogosphere. The idea of this blog is to attempt to provide some current information, anecdotes, thoughts, opinions, etc., concerning elder abuse issues. My practice increasingly involves elder financial abuse, as a litigator, court-appointed guardian ad litem and counsel for conservatees. It is appalling to see what is happening every day to many elder, disabled clients and their families.

Elder Court honored for its innovation and success, wins 2011 KLEPS award

On April 29, 2011, the Judicial Council of California announced the recipients of the 2010–2011 Ralph N. Kleps Awards for Improvement in Administration of the Courts—and our Elder Court was one of the winners! The Elder Court ensures swift protections for the victim’s physical and financial safety, while also addressing the victim’s mental, physical or […]

Contra Costa Lawyer March 2011

March 2011 – Elder Law: Issues in Aging Edition

Highlights from the Elder Law issue of the Contra Costa Lawyer include articles on the Elder Law Center (Samantha Sepehr), Local Rules of Court & Other Elder Law Resources (Virginia M. George), Contra Costa Senior Legal Services (Verna Haas), Elder Mediation at Conflict Resolution Programs (Barbara Proctor), the Elder Court Support Program (Tina Olton), and Last-Minute Holographic Wills in the Age of Revokable Living Trusts (Jay Chafetz)

Elder Law Training Series – Day 7

Download handouts (opens in a new window) Introduction Samantha Sepehr, Director, Elder Law Center   Speaker 1: Barbara Proctor Part I of II Part II of II Speaker 2: Ron Mullin Part I of III Part II of III Part III of III Speaker 3: Judge Joyce Cram Part I of III Part II of […]

The Elder Law Center

The Elder Law Center

Can you remember your very first day of work? We suspect that not many years, or even days, went by before you began dreaming of your retirement. As we all know, for that dream to become a reality you must plan, work and wait for the day when you can afford to enjoy the wonders […]