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Revisions to the Probate Local Rules: A Work in Progress

Revisions to the Probate Local Rules: A Work in Progress

While not perfect, the 2015 changes to the Probate Local Rules certainly represent a positive, collaborative effort. The public comment period is open through September 8, 2014.

Probate Perspective - 2013 Year in Review

Probate Perspective – 2013 Year in Review

The division experienced no structural changes during the past year. The same level of resources should be available for the division in the coming year.

Contested Conservatorships - Where's The Love?!

Contested Conservatorships – Where’s The Love?!

“…for better for worse…in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part.”

Undue Influence Defined: New Statutory Definition and Recent Case Law

Undue Influence Defined: New Statutory Definition and Recent Case Law

Undue influence is a particularly insidious form of financial elder abuse. It doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with lack of mental capacity; one can be unduly influenced while still retaining capacity.

Children, Families & the Law Certification Program at JFKU Law

Children, Families & the Law Certification Program at JFKU Law

JFKU College of Law implemented a specialized curriculum focused on children and families. To train the most effective practitioners, we combined the expanded substantive law covered with a substantial practice skill component.

Join Us: Gala in Support of Contra Costa Senior Legal Services

Please join us at this year’s BAR FUND Gala in Support of Contra Costa Senior Legal Services, taking place on Thursday, September 19th from 6-8 pm at the Lafayette Park Hotel.

Inns of Court - Financial Elder Abuse

Inns of Court – Financial Elder Abuse

The evening was an expansive discussion on many aspects of elder law, including both the estate planning, probate issues and criminal options. With the silver tsunami (i.e. the graying boomers) about to hit America, elder law issues are going to be more important than ever in the coming years.

Bar Soap - April 2013

Bar Soap – April 2013

Feeling a bit like a beggar once again. For years I was begging members for reports on their civil jury verdicts. Then reports on civil bench trial verdicts. After that, begging for reports on interesting settlements and arbitrations. Finally I was reduced to asking for reports on kid’s soccer scores, just so I would have something to write about in civil jury verdicts. Now that we have Bar Soap, I can combine gossip with some interesting soccer scores. But I still need your input.

CCCBA - It’s Your Organization

CCCBA – It’s Your Organization

This is your organization, not mine or that of the other members of the board of directors. Do not think of it as something apart from you or, as it is tempting to think about government, something you have no control over and cannot change. I and the other directors are here to serve the organization, but even more importantly, to serve you. Take control of your organization. Tell us what you want it to be.

Financial Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse – A Primer for Litigators

Financial Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse – A Primer For Litigators

Financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult is proscribed by the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, codified in Chapter 11 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code (“the Act”). Passed in 1982, the focus of this Act, sometimes referred to as EADACPA, is “to protect a particularly vulnerable portion of the population from gross mistreatment in the form of abuse and custodial neglect.”[1] Historically, elder or dependent adult abuse was rarely litigated “due to problems of proof, court delays, and the lack of incentives to prosecute these suits.”[2]

Elder Law Issue-Spotting 101

Elder Law Issue-Spotting 101

Planning an elder law issue for the general consumption of lawyers is a challenge. Elder law defies definition. It is contracts, taxes, benefits planning, probate, conservatorships and trusts. It is class actions. It is personal injury, family law and criminal law. It is real estate. Not only is elder law as a practice area ridiculously broad, the elder law landscape is in constant motion.

Job Openings

Litigation Associate

Sophisticated 5-attorney Contra Costa County trusts & estates firm seeks to add experienced, driven and well-educated attorney with background of more than 6 years in litigation practice. Opportunity for substantial responsibility in managing a …

Life, Love, Law & the Practice of All

“A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time”. ~ Anne Taylor Fleming

Thank You for Your Support of the Elder Law Center and the Law Center’s Pro Bono Efforts!

The Law Center (“TLC”), and the Elder Law Center (“ELC”), along with its Board of Directors would like to gratefully thank all the Members of the

Meet Your 2012 Section Leaders

Meet Your 2012 Section Leaders

Meet the chairs of our 21 sections and find out why you should join…

November 2011 President’s Message

Fall is a busy time for the Bar Association. Check out the calendar if you haven’t already – there is a lot going on! Here are some highlights: In very recent news, our CASA fundraising event on October 6th was a raging success, raising $30,000 for this worthy cause! Thanks to all of our members and supporting firms for their contributions. Check out the photos on our Facebook page:

Inside: What's Hot?

Inside: What’s Hot?

“WHAT’S HOT” is not an expression generally associated with attorneys, with the possible exceptions provided by Drop Dead Diva, Boston Legal and Law and Order. Jerry Springer doesn’t count, even though he is an attorney. I have the honor this month of being guest editor for the August online issue of this fine publication. While I normally confine myself to the universe of conservatorships, trust and estate litigation and administration, there are always “hot” topics in all areas of law.

Wait, What?! The Trials and Tribulations of an Elder Abuse Lawyer

Wait, What?! The Trials and Tribulations of an Elder Abuse Lawyer

This article in this month’s “hot” online issue marks my somewhat dubious entry into the blogosphere. The idea of this blog is to attempt to provide some current information, anecdotes, thoughts, opinions, etc., concerning elder abuse issues. My practice increasingly involves elder financial abuse, as a litigator, court-appointed guardian ad litem and counsel for conservatees. It is appalling to see what is happening every day to many elder, disabled clients and their families.

July 2011 President’s Message

Health Insurance. Just thinking about it makes my blood pressure rise a few points. It probably does the same to you. Health insurance stresses out everyone, especially small businesses and their employees. Every year, the number one requested member benefit the CCCBA is asked for is a group health insurance policy.



This month, I get the honor of guest-editing the Elder Law issue of the Contra Costa Lawyer, a point of great pride for me. Elder law attorneys are an amazing bunch and I get to …