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Contra Costa Lawyer May 2017 Issue: Estate Planning & Probate / Right to Die Issue

Feature Articles: Introduction to the Role of Mental Health Specialists in the End of Life Option Act |  by Eric J. Freitag, Psy.D., ABN Review of the Current “Right to Die” Statute: Are the Protections Against Undue Influence Sufficient? | by Shara Beltramo California’s “End of Life Option Act” and Family Dilemmas | by Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, […]

Contra Costa Lawyer – April 2017 The ADR Issue

April 2017 (online edition) The ADR Issue view online, or download Features:  Mediating Fee Disputes Gracefully | by Malcolm Sher I Agreed To Arbitrate That? Recent Developments in the Application of Arbitration Agreements | by Paul Dubow      Civility in Mediation | by Mark LeHockey Five Steps to Choosing a Great Mediator | by Robert […]

March 2017 Contra Costa Lawyer – The Real Estate Issue

Browse the articles from the March 2017 issue below:   FEATURES: A Macro Approach to Large-Scale Construction Defect Matters, by David Young and Erica L. Morris Bay Area Cities Implement New Eviction and Rent Control Measures, by Puneet Singh The Ruckus over Airbnb: Local Governments Struggle to Control Short-Term Vacation Rentals, by Robert B. Jacobs […]

February 2017 - Contra Costa Lawyer

February 2017 – Contra Costa Lawyer

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: LGBTQ / Diversity and the Law Download the e-version of the February magazine here (pdf) Visit the February archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine, February issue, guest-edited by Summer Selleck:   Articles: California Law Protects the Rights of LGBTQs – What You Can Do to Help Protect the Civil Rights of the LGBTQ […]

January 2017 – The Bar Association Issue

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: The Bar Association Issue Download the e-version of the January magazine here (pdf) View the January issue online Visit the January archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine, January issue, guest-edited by Theresa Hurley: Features: Meet CCCBA’s New  Board President: Philip  Andersen, Sr. Meet  CCCBA’s New Board Members: Mika Domingo, Nicole Mills and Craig Nevin Meet CCCBA’s  2017 Section […]

December 2016 – Pro Bono Issue

December 2016 Pro Bono Issue Contra Costa Lawyer   View online or download [1 MB] Highlights from the December issue, guest-edited by Samantha Sepehr Features: Local Corporations Step Up to Provide Unique Pro Bono Legal Service in Contra Costa County,  by Verna Haas The Big 5-0, by Noland Armstrong Second Annual Pro Bono Expo, by Steve Derby If it’s October […]

November 2016 – Bench Bar Issue

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: Bench/Bar Edition Download the e-version of the November magazine here (pdf) View the November issue online Visit the November archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine, November issue, guest-edited by Stephen Nash: Features: How Did It Get Late So Soon?, by Hon. Steven K. Austin, Presiding Judge The Lucky One, by Hon. Jill […]

Contra Costa Lawyer online edition October 2016

October 2016 – Family Law Issue

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: October 2016 Family Law Edition Browse October’s articles below view online or download [1 MB] Highlights from the October issue, guest-edited by David Erb TABLE OF CONTENTS: Features: All in the Family: George and Laura Pfeiffer, by Lisa Mendes Quality of Life and Family Law in New York & California, by […]

September 2016 Elections & Politics Issue

September 2016 Elections & Politics Issue

Browse September’s articles below Download the e-version of the September magazine here (pdf) View the September  issue online Visit the September  archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Features: You Bet, #I’mWithHer, by Jerome Pandell A Bernie Sanders Supporter Asks, Now What?, by Jeremy Forsyth Why I’m Voting Trump/Pence, by David J. Chapman Freedom, by Paul Schroeder Thinking About Running for […]

August 2016 - Contra Costa Lawyer

August 2016 – Legal Entertainment

Browse August’s articles below: Download the e-version of the August magazine here (pdf). Visit the August archive. TABLE OF CONTENTS Features: TV Review: Ray Donovan, by Inga Miller NFL Police Reports, by Marcus Brown Restaurant Review: Broderick Roadhouse, by Suzanne Boucher TV Review: Better Call Saul, by Nick Casper Race & Ethics Essay, by Mary […]

July 2016 - Insurance and Healthcare

July 2016 – Insurance and Healthcare

Browse July’s articles below Download the e-version of the July magazine here (pdf) View the July issue online Visit the July archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Features: Employment Practices Liability Coverage: What Every California Employer Should Know – Mukesh Advani Health Insurance Holes and Gaps — A Flagrant Foul – Colleen Callahan The Disability and Long […]

June 2016 – Criminal Law Edition

Highlights of the June 2016 Contra Costa Lawyer – Criminal Law edition include the story of a fictitious family that had a brush with the law. Guest Editor Mary P. Carey and her fellow authors give the reader a well rounded view of the ramifications from perspectives of: the District Attorney, immigration attorney, defense attorney, juvenile law attorney , a juvenile Justice’s perspective, family law and employment law attorneys.

May 2016 - Immigration Edition

May 2016 – Immigration Edition

Highlights of the May Contra Costa Lawyer Immigration edition include articles on humanitarian aid, visas and citizenship, human trafficking and more.

April 2016 - Juvenile Law Edition

April 2016 – Juvenile Law Edition

Highlights of the April 2016 Contra Costa Lawyer Juvenile Law edition include articles on private adoptions, dependent parent protections, transgender youth and more.

March 2016 - Litigation Edition

March 2016 – Litigation Edition

Highlights of the March Contra Costa Lawyer Litigation edition include articles on discovery sanctions, forensic expert cross-examination, police excessive force cases and more.