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Contra Costa Lawyer August 2017 Issue: Attorney Athletes

browse, view online, or download Features: Wally Hesseltine, Contra Costa Ultra Runner, by David Pearson The Hon. Ed Weil, The Sky Diving Judge by Stephen Nash Margaret Grover, Rowing, Cycling, Skiing, by Inga Miller Fly Casting for Sanity and Excellence,  by Luis Montes Araceli Ramirez, USTA National Champion, by Marcus Brown Chelsea Dunton, Boston Marathon Runner, […]

Contra Costa Lawyer July 2017 Issue: Employment Law Issue

The Employment Law Issue browse, view online, or download Features: Mind the Gap: The Increasing Divide Between California and Federal Employment Laws Under the Trump Administration, by Wendy Coats, Bailey Bifoss and Carolyn Pham California’s Wage Equality Law: Will a Rise in Social Awareness and Litigation Lead the Way to Rise in Pay?, by Yen Chau […]

Contra Costa Lawyer June 2017 Issue: The Bankruptcy Issue

view online, or download Features Not Eligible to File Bankruptcy? An Analysis of What is Required, by David Arietta Lien Strips Revisited, by Steven Knuppel You Did What to My Claim? Capping a Commercial Landlord’s Attorney’s Fees in Bankruptcy, by Reno Fernandez Mortgage Modifications in Wonderland: Conquering the Red Queen (Mortgage Modification in Chapter 13 […]

Contra Costa Lawyer May 2017 Issue: Estate Planning & Probate / Right to Die Issue

Feature Articles: Introduction to the Role of Mental Health Specialists in the End of Life Option Act |  by Eric J. Freitag, Psy.D., ABN Review of the Current “Right to Die” Statute: Are the Protections Against Undue Influence Sufficient? | by Shara Beltramo California’s “End of Life Option Act” and Family Dilemmas | by Linda Fodrini-Johnson, MA, […]

Contra Costa Lawyer – April 2017 The ADR Issue

April 2017 (online edition) The ADR Issue view online, or download Features:  Mediating Fee Disputes Gracefully | by Malcolm Sher I Agreed To Arbitrate That? Recent Developments in the Application of Arbitration Agreements | by Paul Dubow      Civility in Mediation | by Mark LeHockey Five Steps to Choosing a Great Mediator | by Robert […]

March 2017 Contra Costa Lawyer – The Real Estate Issue

Browse the articles from the March 2017 issue below:   FEATURES: A Macro Approach to Large-Scale Construction Defect Matters, by David Young and Erica L. Morris Bay Area Cities Implement New Eviction and Rent Control Measures, by Puneet Singh The Ruckus over Airbnb: Local Governments Struggle to Control Short-Term Vacation Rentals, by Robert B. Jacobs […]

February 2017 - Contra Costa Lawyer

February 2017 – Contra Costa Lawyer

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: LGBTQ / Diversity and the Law Download the e-version of the February magazine here (pdf) Visit the February archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine, February issue, guest-edited by Summer Selleck:   Articles: California Law Protects the Rights of LGBTQs – What You Can Do to Help Protect the Civil Rights of the LGBTQ […]

January 2017 – The Bar Association Issue

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: The Bar Association Issue Download the e-version of the January magazine here (pdf) View the January issue online Visit the January archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine, January issue, guest-edited by Theresa Hurley: Features: Meet CCCBA’s New  Board President: Philip  Andersen, Sr. Meet  CCCBA’s New Board Members: Mika Domingo, Nicole Mills and Craig Nevin Meet CCCBA’s  2017 Section […]

December 2016 – Pro Bono Issue

December 2016 Pro Bono Issue Contra Costa Lawyer   View online or download [1 MB] Highlights from the December issue, guest-edited by Samantha Sepehr Features: Local Corporations Step Up to Provide Unique Pro Bono Legal Service in Contra Costa County,  by Verna Haas The Big 5-0, by Noland Armstrong Second Annual Pro Bono Expo, by Steve Derby If it’s October […]

November 2016 – Bench Bar Issue

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: Bench/Bar Edition Download the e-version of the November magazine here (pdf) View the November issue online Visit the November archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine, November issue, guest-edited by Stephen Nash: Features: How Did It Get Late So Soon?, by Hon. Steven K. Austin, Presiding Judge The Lucky One, by Hon. Jill […]

Contra Costa Lawyer online edition October 2016

October 2016 – Family Law Issue

Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine: October 2016 Family Law Edition Browse October’s articles below view online or download [1 MB] Highlights from the October issue, guest-edited by David Erb TABLE OF CONTENTS: Features: All in the Family: George and Laura Pfeiffer, by Lisa Mendes Quality of Life and Family Law in New York & California, by […]

September 2016 Elections & Politics Issue

September 2016 Elections & Politics Issue

Browse September’s articles below Download the e-version of the September magazine here (pdf) View the September  issue online Visit the September  archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Features: You Bet, #I’mWithHer, by Jerome Pandell A Bernie Sanders Supporter Asks, Now What?, by Jeremy Forsyth Why I’m Voting Trump/Pence, by David J. Chapman Freedom, by Paul Schroeder Thinking About Running for […]

August 2016 - Contra Costa Lawyer

August 2016 – Legal Entertainment

Browse August’s articles below: Download the e-version of the August magazine here (pdf). Visit the August archive. TABLE OF CONTENTS Features: TV Review: Ray Donovan, by Inga Miller NFL Police Reports, by Marcus Brown Restaurant Review: Broderick Roadhouse, by Suzanne Boucher TV Review: Better Call Saul, by Nick Casper Race & Ethics Essay, by Mary […]

July 2016 - Insurance and Healthcare

July 2016 – Insurance and Healthcare

Browse July’s articles below Download the e-version of the July magazine here (pdf) View the July issue online Visit the July archive TABLE OF CONTENTS Features: Employment Practices Liability Coverage: What Every California Employer Should Know – Mukesh Advani Health Insurance Holes and Gaps — A Flagrant Foul – Colleen Callahan The Disability and Long […]

June 2016 – Criminal Law Edition

Highlights of the June 2016 Contra Costa Lawyer – Criminal Law edition include the story of a fictitious family that had a brush with the law. Guest Editor Mary P. Carey and her fellow authors give the reader a well rounded view of the ramifications from perspectives of: the District Attorney, immigration attorney, defense attorney, juvenile law attorney , a juvenile Justice’s perspective, family law and employment law attorneys.