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Bar Soap - April 2013

Bar Soap – April 2013

Feeling a bit like a beggar once again. For years I was begging members for reports on their civil jury verdicts. Then reports on civil bench trial verdicts. After that, begging for reports on interesting settlements and arbitrations. Finally I was reduced to asking for reports on kid’s soccer scores, just so I would have something to write about in civil jury verdicts. Now that we have Bar Soap, I can combine gossip with some interesting soccer scores. But I still need your input.

Bar Soap – November 2012

People on the move: The Law Offices of Cindy Frazier Bilsborough announced that Caroline D. Ham, Esq., has joined the firm as an associate attorney.
Audra Ibarra has accepted an invitation to join California Appellate Law Group (CALG) as “Of Counsel”.

Bar Soap – September 2012

The same names keep popping up in our profession as sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, join the practice of law. David Larkin reports his son Tom Larkin, a newly minted lawyer joined the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office. Appel Law Firm LLP announced Thomas G. Appel, USF Law Class of 2011, has joined the firm as an Associate Attorney. My nephew Matt is reportedly a very competent Deputy DA in Contra Costa County. No his last name is not Guichard.

Bar Soap – June 2012

Goodness, lots to report. Where do I start? Many attended the “Fast Track Bench/Bar Meeting” on May 1, 2012 at the noon hour. Nice to see it was very well attended, both by attorneys and judges. Thanks to Lisa Reep and her excellent staff for organizing that annual event.

Bar Soap – March 2012

Goodness! After years of begging for jury verdicts for my column, I have finally found out how to get people’s attention: Report that someone has moved and taken a new job. I think the strategy will be to say: “John Doe has just joined a new firm and has been nominated for ABODA, so if you want me to talk about you, send a jury verdict”.

Bar Soap – January 2012

It has been a while, so where to start? How about a solution for the Occupy Movement? Lots of vacant office space in the East Bay due to law firm break-ups. Simply move the folks in and voilá! In fact, 1331 N. California Boulevard in Walnut Creek is particularly in need of some occupation. The positive news is the announcement of new firms in our midst. It is always cause for celebration when lawyers get together to form a new venture among themselves. Remember the excitement and anticipation?

Bar Soap: August 2011

Feeling a bit confused and confounded with this new column? So, let’s see: It’s a bit gossip, some facts about people on the move, some jury verdicts, some court verdicts, some interesting settlements and perhaps some not so interesting comments from me. Do I have that right? And when I have enough jury verdict reports, I will get one of those columns to you.

Matt’s Column – May 2011

So the idea was to replace “Civil Jury Verdicts” with “Bar Soap”. Not going to happen. We still get reports on jury verdicts, so occasionally let’s have a stand- alone verdicts column. Okay? Otherwise, as with this one, we will combine the columns. Lots of rumors and some facts about lawyers on the move. It […]

February 2011 Bar Soap

February 2011 Bar Soap

Hey, I am getting pretty good at this typewriter thing. Move over, Herb Caen. Well, perhaps he has already moved over. Anyone here who does not know who Herb Caen was? No, he was not an attorney. We know a lot of people are on the move in our local legal community, and I don’t […]

November / December 2010 Bar Soap

The old Royal Standard typewriter has been dusted off and I am ready to begin the inaugural column of “Bar Soap”. Our plan is a “Bar Soap” column in each and every issue of the Contra Costa Lawyer Magazine. That assumes the editors will let me continue, and that I won’t be out on assignment. […]