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Alternative Dispute Resolution

After ADR Fails in Family Law… What Happens Next?

Both Collaborative Practice and mediation rely on voluntary, free exchange of information and commitment to resolutions respecting everyone’s shared goals. But if the parties had mutual trust, shared goals and could communicate effectively, they probably would not be getting a divorce.

limited scope court appearances

Help is Coming with Limited Scope Court Appearances

Since the limited scope court rules were first being debated in 2003, I have been advocating for a simplified notice of completion of limited scope representation. To date, I have been unsuccessful in California, but successful in many other states

Legal Orders After Hearing

Senate Bill 917 Requiring Court Clerks to Prepare Orders after Hearings for All Litigants in Family Law Hearings

The bill attempts to address concerns that many Family Law litigants are self-represented and often English learners, struggling to comprehend, let alone comply with spoken orders.

Legal Incubator Contra Costa County

An Update from the Front-Lines of Contra Costa County’s Legal Incubator Program

The Lawyers for Family Justice legal incubator program at the Family Justice Center houses six incubator attorneys serving moderate and low-income clients in Contra Costa County


YOU BET #ImWithHer

Americans should vote for a leader with a record as an experienced bridge-builder, not a trash-talker. Americans should vote for a leader who puts families and kids first, not someone who puts himself first. Who is that leader? Hillary Clinton.

Sanders Supporter asks Now What?

A Bernie Sanders Supporter Asks, Now What?

I am one of the millions of change-hungry progressive Democrat voters who were inspired by the Bernie Sanders campaign. Mr. Sanders promised the impossible – large-scale systemic changes like reforming the corrupt federal election process and shifting spending away from the military to fund education for the masses.

Why I'm Voting Trump/Pence

Why I’m Voting Trump/Pence

I want a leader in charge who will not apologize for America. I want a leader who is blunt, forthright and confident in himself, in the American People and in over 225 years of American history and values.



Over the past 25 years, the Democrats have behaved as expected and the Republican Party has been hijacked by people more concerned with restricting the right to an abortion, restricting the rights of the gay community, and telling people where to go to the bathroom.

Thinking About Running for Office?

Thinking About Running for Office?

Lawyers often possess the skills needed to be effective civic leaders. More than half of United States Presidents have been lawyers. Attorneys are educated and trained to solve problems, apply laws, communicate difficult concepts, collaborate with others to reach agreement, justify, and defend positions.

Unpleasant Surprises?  The Limits of Public Comment on Proposed Ballot Initiatives

Unpleasant Surprises? The Limits of Public Comment on Proposed Ballot Initiatives

It had been unclear exactly how much an initiative could change after public comment. After the California Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Superior Court [2] the answer is: quite a bit.

Ray Donovan Review

Ray Donovan Review

We love Ray Donovan the same way we loved Tony Soprano. He gets the job done and at the end of the day, as bloody and philandering and as it may be, he returns home to be the rock of his family.

football fan

NFL Police Reports

Although the 49ers experienced an uptick in arrests/charges from 2010 to 2015, San Francisco is not the most criminally troubled NFL franchise since 2000, and neither is Oakland.

Broderick Roadhouse, Restaurant Review

Broderick Roadhouse, Restaurant Review

Broderick Roadhouse describes itself as a burger joint that loves vegans and vegetarians.

Ethics and Better Call Saul

Ethics and Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman’s character in “Breaking Bad” is essentially a five-season treatise of what not to do as a lawyer. Don’t be the legal arm for a multinational methamphetamine cartel. Breaking Bad ethics exam over.

A Local Attorney’s Reflections on Last Month’s Tragedies

A Local Attorney’s Reflections on Last Month’s Tragedies

It is not enough to teach OUR children of color how to behave with police officers. Rather we need to teach OUR children that they can be police officers too, that they can be judges and their voice matters.