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Inside: Guest Editor's Column, August 2015

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, August 2015

Summertime. Whatever it means to you, we thought it would be nice to have an issue devoted to the lighter side of the law … or at least our lives as lawyers.

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, July 2015

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, July 2015

The work environment has changed dramatically over recent years, with employers facing new challenges. Don’t forget that new paid sick leave laws covering nearly every employer in this state have taken effect.

Inside: Guest Editor's Column, June 2015

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, June 2015

In today’s day and age, the concept of privacy is a quickly changing one. We will lose our “right to privacy” not because someone has wrested it from us, but because we have given it away.

Suzanne Boucher

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, May 2015

Family law cases have the potential to cross over with almost every other practice area. It was my goal for this edition to highlight a few of the crossover issues that can arise in a family law case.

Go Green!

Go Green!

As individuals, there are so many ways we can reduce our use of water. Here are some of the steps we can take to lessen our environmental impacts.

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, March 2015

This tax season will be the first time that many taxpayers encounter the effects of new provisions of the Affordable Care Act, effective January 2014.

On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

On Lamps, Lifeboats and Ladders

In 2015, locating a female attorney is no longer a “Where’s Waldo?” experience. Regardless of gender, the CCCBA and its sections provide members the opportunity to support one another and grow professionally in the practice of law.

How I Survived the MCLE Audit - You Could Be Next!

How I Survived the MCLE Audit – You Could Be Next!

The State Bar’s goal is to increase MCLE audits tenfold compared to three years ago, so there is an even greater chance you will be audited within the next five years.

Inside: Guest Editor's Column, November 2014

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, November 2014

A recent major step forward for the court was our recruitment of Heather Pettit, who has taken over as Chief Information Officer. She brings with her a long resume of implementing technologies to assist the bench, court justice partners, legal professionals and the public.

Guest Editor's Column, October 2014

Guest Editor’s Column, October 2014

Sometimes you are at the corner of “I have a great case I am working on,” and “Oh no! My client just filed bankruptcy!” What do you do?

It's About People

It’s About People

I’d like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Lisa Reep, who will be retiring this month as Executive Director.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading

For a change of pace in your reading matter for the summer, we asked our membership to write about, or let themselves be interviewed about, their hobbies.

Inside: Guest Editor's Column, July 2014

Inside: Guest Editor’s Column, July 2014

Somewhere a little past the midpoint in our career, we find ourselves planning for the future and beginning to think of our succession plan, but also glancing into the past and at what we have accomplished.

The Business of Law

The Business of Law

Many of us became lawyers because we weren’t inclined to go into “business.” But the truth is, whether you are an associate, solo or leading a full-service firm, you are running a business.

Ron Mullin

Inside Guest Editor’s Column: May 2014

In this issue, the Contra Costa Lawyer takes a look at insurance, including structured settlements, personal injury claims and health care insurance.